Monday, April 23, 2007

Illicit Love Comments

Rating: 4.1

Judged and found guilty and sentence pronounced.
Life for the love I couldn’t denounce.
Pure gentle and true, though tinged with blue.
Is that such a crime, my love for you.


David Barlow
Marvin Brato 26 March 2008

Factual and realistic poem. Though forbidden, illicit love soothes a broken soul! A 10.

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Princess Me 29 July 2007

Once again, I am speechless. I agree with Mae..wish I would have thought of it. Recently went through this situation. But I know it was love...right feelings...wrong time. It happens. Sad as it reality and move on. Another awesome writing. You're my favorite..I will keep reading. Take care. Princess: -)

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Mazey daisey 20 June 2007

illicit love is forbidden love or it should be cos it hurts so bad..but if its not real or true it wouldnt hurt would it? ..i thought it was beautiful...wish i had written it..i could tells my story...

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Angela Norris 14 May 2007

Illicit love is the most painful. but it is still LOVE. Wherever and however it comes. We can't deny it can we David? And we shouldn't. We can't help who we fall in love with. We are not machines after all. I like your work. I'd like to see something with a bit more 'flesh' if you know what I mean. And rhyming just doesn't matter to me. Keep loving. Keep writing. Angela

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Olabode Oluwatayo 09 May 2007

Excellent end-rhymes... Good work David!

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