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Impeccable Codes For An Aspiring Peaceful Heart Warrior aspiring Peaceful Heart Warrior - Poem by pantor of the Oaks

One can only aspire to attempt gaining such integrity:
as to be one who deserves the honor to be called
an impeccable peaceful heart warrior.

The name alone condones a great sense of honor
that shows itself through ones actions, and constantly
checking the balance of self-importance.

A warrior knows that the more one learns the more one learns
that there is to learn, which creates the openness
needed to help follow ones own heart.

Peaceful coexistence is the only war that a warrior fights,
and loosing a battle or two along the way can bring
humility as well as knowledge.

Knowledge is a warrior's sword, it yields the crushing blows to opponents who the trade the truth for individual profit
instead of living for the one love.

Impeccability a shield, which protects a warrior against
the onslaught of any unbalanced energy designed
directly or indirectly at ones own demise.

A warrior can speak of hidden dark motives and brings it
into the light of loves true consciousness - ultimately
aspiring to transform his passions into compassion.

Fear is a warrior's path to unfold, for it reveals
the knowledge needed to maintain his vigilant
bending attempt at living an impeccable life.

A warrior will first trust a man who admits
to his own devious nature rather than trust a man
who denies the fact that it exists at all.

Passion is the fire if not used wisely can become a container
that limits the flow of bending intent toward
the never-ending journey of the heart.

A warrior knows that compassion is another powerful weapon:
and there uses are in-exhaustible; and with proper
manipulation of that energy, can transform a life.

A warrior fights to keep the light of loves true consciousness
the one and only guiding light that always helps us
decipher the will of many over the one.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 2, 2007

Poem Edited: Monday, April 4, 2011

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