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Impermissible Ode

If I thought you knew

the shifting, flaccid void…

Knowing your dwelling, there

the accommodations padlocked.

Your rooms adorned with flags

of some obsolete, entombed ideology

to give your thoughts gravity…

The cavity concealing your minute sculpture,

(an infantile self rendering)

You gaze at it...then back to my eyes.

I see your pupils

trace the twilights outlines.

Then the dusky smoke curls

and conjures up phantom children: heirs

to our alien self convolution.

Skulking night writes our trembling revelation

on the air's warm fluidity…

The cry

molds our cramped machine learned, banging, cracked hell-

train clacking earflying, night bred nought

Flanked by the saliva and ravings

of six hundred unknown martyrs,

Blood red fibers of post industrial silicon

gulp down the residual napors of

this moment

This kernel in our contact;

This renunciation infernal.

Two solopsistic pacts:

None answers,

Only subliminal bass booms through walls:

a reminder of the nights' desperate cry against our


We are known to the

ascending tissue of moon

only by moan.

The implosion of civilization

vulgar tomb of drone.

Cry intrusion!

Cackles ring out.

You know futility intimately; so do I.

Every morning we glimpse each other; s futility.

I glimpse yours.

There are no clocks within view

from your bed.

You tell me your biological clock is ticking.

Why should I care?

Mine is absent of

biology, neurology

urology, scientology

morphology, limntology

Maology, fetolobotomology

I'm devoid of soul.

Haven't you realized? ...

Purile nubilities of form

Colliding mouthings Dasein Mort

Pronouncments on philology

and pisstological dissertations of come

And cunty wombs of noodling…

We noodle nubile

in the flaccid void.

The tone in your skin

The blue veins


In triumphant cages we lept.

Coal black tongues flew to the fortunate.

Wander handless Virgil, in the cleft.

Droll planks span

the sordid climate bereft. (Of no nobility)

Foreheads of declaiming apeshows

pour forth with irredeemable puss.

Find the different shades of mangy pitch.

Flank me on both sides.

(I'm formed of rust)

Clay today

Fried pickets-

Only their points reviled-

above the

Impermissible Ode

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