Olatunde Chidera Obafemi

Rookie - 45 Points (8th September,1997 / Ajuwon, Ogun State)

Incision - Poem by Olatunde Chidera Obafemi

Lights out
The shadows cast upon the beach
Sand storms arise to greet the perplexed crawler as he sweeps for a clear land
Palm fronds like statues, pillars placed upon the sand foundations
We would remember the times we had played with glee
Times when we would in ecstasy pursue our own shadows by the rising sun
The times we had rubbed our diamond hands and pearls eyes in the filth of the beach
Times when curiosity was the honest teacher and led us through the darkness we feared
Times when the race under rain was sweeter and the scolding of our mothers, a blessing
Times, old times when we would sit on the shore and count the number if times when the waves had washed our sandy legs
Times when out fishermen fathers would take us on trips and return with no fish because their quests had changed from fishes to our security
Times when we could dwell on the vane events that scared our childhood without any cause to weep
Times, good times when our futile hunts for crabs had led us into the creeks of the unending wars
Times when our voices squeaked and help was far away, long gone
Times when shadows were cast and evenings had taken away people we could call friends
Times when we had tasted blood in the bid to find our place among the blind wealth of our lands
Times when grudges were all that bound our courses and journeys for freedom that seemed a mission never to be achieved
Times, great times when thoughts and ideologies were twisted and wrong choices ensnaring the young to the old
Times when in despair we had pursued Goliath out if our lakes and had made the great king Nebuchadnezzar weep
Times when peace was a weapon that murdered our hopes and rights and passed on the slavery, put in store for the generations fast approaching life
Times when we thought of the end and then we would laugh our dry laughs
Times when the white man's gin had cracked our throats and taken away the subduing taste of grandma's fresh banga soup
Times were chickens died after drinking from the streams that were like the foundations of our existence
Times, glorious times when jet fighters conquered the smoked skirt and machete
We only could watch as the suns sets in us
Here, times we watch as our weak selves fade away like the shadows that cast the rhythm of the early morning sun
Times when our songs don't follow the beats that we strain our ears to listen to
Times, here are times when traditions are buried for good and culture let loose to fly to distant lands
Times when stories told would no more be listened to nor the moons movements symbiotic with the night sky stars be watched in silent appreciation
Times when memories die and are replaced on the mother of all life we know
Times when scars have no time to heal
Times when we remember no more than how the garri morsels are placed into the vocal tracts
Times when pain is healed as we await out own turn to bid the world goodbye
Only then do we remember the incisions of the ancient cave wisdom
Only at times when highways are built on our thatched beach dwellings that we remember why the shadows are cast during the day
Only time may bear witness to the reasons why papa Efe wrote that suicide note just yesterday
Only time bears witness to the deep cuts and to our tale of the incisions that we bear.

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