Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intellect Comments

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You might have possessed so many things
The stars, the sun, the moon, the whole universe
But if you have not possessed me
You possess nothing!


Abdul Wahab
Ramesh Rai 14 April 2012

intellect, is a very complex woed, very hard to define. every one is intellectual to one's concern, but ur attempt is nice. i agree with..

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Romeo Della Valle 12 April 2012

Amen! God Bless You my brother! The message is loud and clear! Don't forget the Mighty One Above! A very powerful write that clearly shows your great concern for some regretful souls living among us! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! Let your powerful voice be heard throughout the whole World! Love and Peace for always! From New York City, Romeo...

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