Joshua Thomas Gage

Rookie (June 26,1990 / Lowell, Ma)

Iraqi Guy - Poem by Joshua Thomas Gage

There once was a guy that you knew
He did everything you wanted him to
One day you pushed him away
Just so another guy could stay

You knew he was a great guy indeed
He always put others in front of his need
For some strange reason you let him go
You pushed him away threw him in the snow

What happens from now on is what you chose to be
When you walked with that other guy don't you see
What you did was you shot him dead
Why did you choose the other guy instead

So yes your happy for now
So when are you planning on making your vow
This new guy that you think is the one
Guess what babe hes already won

You know those late nights when he goes out
Yeah you know what thats all about
It don't have to do with work
Once a jerk, always a jerk

Now when you find out what will you do
Will you kick him to the curb too?
Thats what you should do
But the other guy is no longer there with you

You sit back on your couch and think of those times
Those times where he gave you everything and a dime
He took you out to places all around the world
Took you in his arms gave you a twirl

Well now your sitting alone on your couch
Thinking of where this man is about
Just then you turn on the t.v
About to change the channel but then you see

That there was another bomb that went off in Iraq
Some suicidal guy why would he do that?
Then you hear the dreaded name
That made you want to go insane

That guy that you once let slip out of your hands
Was said to be found dead in the Iraqi sands
Just when you heard that you turned blue
Fell to your knees as if you could not breathe

Just when you thought your heart was dead
You heard a knock on your door as if a angel had sent
Some sort of messenger to you
Then you open the door and no longer are blue

The guy that it said was dead in Iraq
Somehow managed to make it back
He promised me he would always be there
Well somehow he is standing in the door right here

So you jump into his arms and hug him so tight
Tell him to never again leave your sight
So with that said he takes you back
Says everyone deserves a second chance to get things on track

So that one guy came back to you
Only because he knew you two
Should of been together that whole time
Never once separated in his eyes

Don't you see he never left you
He loved you all along yes its true
He cherished those times you both had
Together which made him so very glad

So now that you two are back theres much to teach
Don't ever let him go out of your reach
Keep her close to you as well
You really never can tell

When one of you will randomly go
Just for natural causes or something random you know
Life is the biggest obstacle that you will face
You cant beat it but can run with it as if a race

Just do me a favor and don't leave anyone behind
The ones you love count more than anything in your mind
Tightly held up inside of your heart
You two will never again be apart

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