Marieta Maglas

Gold Star - 6,685 Points (19-05-1964 / Radauti, Judet Suceava, Romania)

Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 7) - Poem by Marieta Maglas

Climbing down these secret stairs is a hell’, said Clayton. ’Don’t talk!
They can hear us. It has two sets of stairs. I think when they wanted to lock
This part of the tower, they made the secret passage ’, said Surah. ‘I’ll take care
Of the workers. They drank that poppy seed tea. Now, they must feel the flare.’

Clayton threw them into the abyss, one by one. Then, he used a big rock
To block the entrance of the cave.’ Clayton, do you hear that screaming hawk? ’
Frederick stopped dancing with Jezebel, and asked her to go with him to the terrace.
He professed his love for her saying that she might be a young pretty heiress.

’Did you talk with my father? ’’ Yes, Jezebel, your father intends to give you
A half of his kingdom in order to make you be my bride. ‘’Is it true? ’
‘I hear a weird noise coming from the cave.’’ Yes, indeed. ‘’Let’s take a look! ’
He extended his hand, ‘I hear a rock moving behind those walls forming a nook! ’

(It happened in the moment, when Clayton finished locking the passage.)
‘It has already caused waves in the lake. We must stop a real ravage! ’
‘Two lamps are missing. They’re lost in the water. My father must know.’
‘That’s nothing’, said Richard, ’ the beast could give its nose a loud blow.

Ha, ha, you’re really scared! It’s a tiny crack, which in time can expand.
Come to drink ‘, said Richard putting on Frederick’s shoulder his right hand.
’Fred is beautiful’, said Surah looking at a picture, which was hung on her wall.
‘I can’t believe he’s really here again after all this time, in the royal dancing hall.’

(Pauline and Frieda were two widows of those ten workers dying in the abyss.)
The poor homes were cold, damp, and dark within their walls.
The children used to play in the mud without having toys or dolls.
The windows were very small openings with some wooden shutters.
The men used to get drunk and to fight each other using small cutters.

The people ate, slept, and spent their time together in two rooms
Having thatched roofs and being as easy to destroy as were their tombs.
The homes of the rich people were more elaborate than the others.
They had paved floors being decorated with tiles in many colors.

Tapestries were hung on the walls, providing an extra layer of warmth.
In a simple home, there was no chimney. There was only a stone hearth.
Some vegetables such as cabbages, or onions were known as pot herbs.
They grew as much food as their families needed by using gardens and yards.

Pauline said 'It hurts me constantly until I know what really happened',
Frieda replied, ‘Because of the clouds, that day, the sky could be blackened'.
'But John was familiar with the trail, having hiked it many times before',
'Maybe they ran being afraid of that beast, a bear, or a very big boar.'

'John was a husky, healthy man, and he was not afraid of anything.'
'What can I say, Pauline? They are not at home, they are really missing.'
Pauline said crying, ' On this mountain, so many have disappeared! '
'They disappeared near the cascade, and have never reappeared.'

(After a year, it was the springtime again. The people living at the castle were preparing the wedding.)
The sun shone, and the pink flowers bloomed at the wedding, in spring.
The guests were expected to come to the wedded pair, having gifts to bring,
Without a great change in the life at the castle, there would be stagnancy,
Due to her destiny, Jezebel would never be able to come out of her infancy.

To be continued.....tomorrow

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wanted to balance the scenes using three elements of fiction: dialogue, action and narrative. I, also, wanted to put the characters in the scenes with other characters as often as possible. I used the contrast to create strong features.Mary was a nun, and her sister, Surah was a witch.In-between two forces (of God and devil) , the characters had human features.Surah wanted the power and she used demonic forces for her purpose. Mary wanted to live in a good world. Mary had the power to balance everything, being enforced by God. I blended the scenes using the narrative in-between parts of dialogue wanting, also, to pull the reader in. I've created some tensioning conflicts between two or more people, because the characters could act out of their feelings by using the dialogue, and by involving other characters in these conflicts. Very important was to express their feelings and thoughts toward the characters around. This method made the dialogue be powerful. Narrative explained, but the dialogue could quickly show us
everything. This way, the external conflicts became internal tensions and vice versa.Anne, their sister was a queen. At the beginning, she had the power. Surah needed Anne's money and power to dominate, but asking help for the devil, she wasn't able to reach her purpose, because she destroyed everything around. The power of love could strike a balance.Even Surah ended by needing love.This story belonged to the past reality, but it needed surrealist forces, which were taken here from the fairy tale. I used to weave them together in order to find the story’s rhythm. The reader, also, received the background on the characters understanding the methods used to apply the ideas in the reality of the life. This way, they became symbolic characters. Of course, the characters were constantly confiding in others about things they were only pondering in their minds providing important details and explanations for the story.

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