Just Forgive Them Poem by Hannington Mumo

Just Forgive Them

The world is full of things that vex,
Competitors going for rivals’ necks,
Foes that single you out for no reason
And haters who loathe despite the season.

In the face of all this you should stand out
As a stout brain that is not swayed about
By the malicious winds of cheap spite,
But all this needs you to have great inner might.

You need to refuse to hate those that disgust
And forgive those think you’re as cheap as dust,
All this won’t be easy for the raw mortal creature,
It calls for patience and calm of inordinate measure.

You will give up easily if you are just a common Joe
For you won’t stand the world with its man-made woe,
It’s your God-given onus to tolerate the nearby fool
With unconditional love your only shield and tool.

They say we’ll be rewarded for putting up with this hogwash,
In heaven when the nauseating scalawags fill hell with ash;
But even if this were all some trick to deceive the peaceful race,
Don’t you think ignoring nitwits makes the world a better place?

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: anger
Mihaela Pirjol 11 June 2015

This poem carries a powerful message. Love is the answer.

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