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! ! Just Gus

Rating: 3.6

The Gossips
stand proudly
on their shelf above the kitchen -
a singular reminder
of Gus McLaren -
friend, cartoonist, animator
and potter extraordinaire.

I remember
pouring Gus

into his battered Combi,
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David Harris 07 July 2009

Allie, you have weaved the old Cassidy magic yet again. The wonderful reminisce of someone whom touched your heart very dearly. You have again delicately portrayed the wonderful spirit that was within Gus and helped us all to know him intimately. Top Marks and thanks for sharing Gus with us. Another icon to put in your treasury of poems. Hugs David

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John Weber 06 July 2009

I love the nostalgic tone and whimsy of memory here, Alison! Wonderful to read and contemplate. I had a buddy named Matt that feels reminicent of Gus in my lifetime, so I can relate without reservation. The final stanza feels heart-wrenching within the typical nature of death and the struggles of the living to cope. Thanks for sharing this wonderful write! Warm regards, John.

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Raveendran . 06 July 2009

Beautiful word picture of sweet and sour remembrances

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 05 July 2009

A poet and a potter seems to be intermingled in this splendid piece of very well worded write. Another specialty of Alison.....10/10. Regards Naseer

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Andre Lopez 05 July 2009

so many vivid images, this poem is like a painting or a picture

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Anjali Sinha 14 July 2009

wow Allie you've painted a brilliant picture here -10 anjali

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C. P. Sharma 13 July 2009

Ali, This is a beautiful animated poetic sketch of Gus written with intimacy and care. It is a great tribute to the soul with imagination and insight. I also enjoyed the dig at the greedy world at the end of the poem. CP

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Andrew Blakemore 10 July 2009

A wonderful tribute to Gus, you have brought his character back to life with your expert portrayal. Best wishes, Andrew x

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Bob Blackwell 09 July 2009

Ali, I found this one brilliant, I can see Gus now..in my minds eye from your word portrait, this is yet again a wonderful caricature. Love Bob 10++

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Sandra Martyres 09 July 2009

A spendid piece Allie...you have done a perfect introduction to Gus and his talents and ended it poignantly with a mundane problem....10+++

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