Friday, June 24, 2005

Just Imagine............... Comments

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Some of us look at the present state of this world
And wish things could be different
We imagine the way the world should be
We visualize and hypothesize - it is possible


Bri Edwards 11 February 2013

wonderful, yet probably (at least some if not all) fanciful thoughts. but, yes, perhaps tomorrow? ? before mankind goes the way of the dinosaurs? not likely in my humble opinion. i rarely, if ever, feel HAPPY. I'M CONTENT with feeling content a large part of the time, though i confess i'm ready to die anytime a cause comes along. i am not depressed, but i've had enough and hope my passing will help others who remain. now i'll put yours on mypoemlist and then see what i can discover about you on poemhunter (without going to too much trouble) . thanks for sharing.

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