Monday, May 8, 2006

Just Like Rain Comments

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Keen as the bullet so near, it deepens to the beat of the bombs. The hallow voice among the hallway telling us to just believe for once. But our faith is like the rain it only seems to be seen when we don't want it. But the rain can puddle up into something bigger. Our faith just explodes and goes into the drainage we call our souls. Only reappears when it seems like the smallest dropp could save us.

A scent hovering above, its tale written in the feather's of an eagle. The eagle goes through pain just to explain a moment of one's life. But soon the eagle will die and all that will remain are the old feathers and the smell. But a scent and memories won't bring back the whole image. So we must savor the moment for the time it exists. Much like the rain a moment can brighten or darken your day. Rain can inspire but all a memory can do is drive you into a wall of doubt and depression.


Ray Mesa