Annette Perez

Just Too Late - Poem by Annette Perez

My mind is chasing after the sight of you that remains in my brain
I’m eager to see you one more time before life decides to keep us apart
Those lips that contain the love you forcefully received from me
How can I just up and leave knowing that I didn’t do all I could
Laying on the bed being cuddled by you while our hands are under the sheets doing what we love to do
The eyes you lay on me every time I dropp off all my clothes are the eyes of natural attraction
When you lay your finger tips all over my body it’s the goose bumps I feel that keep me going
These feelings of wanting to be with you cause me to believe that my heart has finally found its home
Too scared to known to much pride to ring that everlasting love bell
How can I clearly understand that if I proclaim my love that I won’t be stuck with future heart pain
Baby if all this was so easy how am I not able to make a life changing decision
I want you and there is no doubt about and I know you want me to
I know what could be and what has been but how do I know if it could be forever
All that you tell me is that you love me and to have faith in you
I know that faith can only take you some place near never far enough to live happily
I am just too confused to figure this out on my own but I refuse to ask for your help
I’m going back and fourth and riding in this circle of questionable love
This trip this voyage has come to an end and I must exit with an answer that we will live by
Lastly I exit this trip with the answer you have been waiting to hear
My life is nothing without your presence without your loving words
I can no longer live without the bliss of your touch and of your kiss
I proclaim my love to you and I knock on the door with the package of my bright red heart
You finally opened the door and looked at me and simply said my time was up and all this is a no go..

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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