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Kiss Me

Rating: 4.5

Kiss me tonight without saying anything
kiss me until the blood sprouts
kiss me with rage, it is my farewell
tomorrow I emigrate without knowing where!

Kiss me in the tip of desire
kiss me sweetly in the corner of martyrdom
kiss me with longing at the border of glory
tomorrow I leave without knowing where!

Kiss me without rest with your best kiss
kiss me with happiness, while my soul cries
kiss me with delirium it is my farewell

Kiss me until the dawn arrives
kiss me with limitless passion
kiss me.... just kiss me...
Without saying anything!

Suresh Kumar Ek 23 August 2020

kiss me softly in the corner of my martyedom. wow.....

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Rebekah Gamble 27 December 2007

The clarity of the situation you're discussing is excellent, and the use of repetition is also used well, but the third stanza sets the balance of the poem off. Perhaps you would like to add another line?

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T J 02 October 2006

wow this poem sends me chills! I love it. Very powerful effect. Kissing sometimes tells you everything you need to know about a person

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