Friday, January 3, 2003

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"How sweetly," said the trembling maid,
Of her own gentle voice afraid,
So long had they in silence stood,
Looking upon that tranquil flood--


Thomas Moore
Katalin Hegedus 29 September 2007

I found this poem by chance. Reading George Eliot's Middlemarch the author refers to this poem as Rosamond Vincy's favourite. So I decided to find it. The poem is a wonderful example of true love. The representation of this powerful emotion reminds me of Solomon's brilliant verdict concerning the two women who are quarrelling over a child. The real mother gives up keeping her most beloved one, so that she can save its life. The poem is about a true lover who is able to keep her lover by resigning of him. We feel how time can deprive a person of all his/her treasures, and having something is just a mere illusion, because sooner or later the treasures become just a memory. The poem proves how strong some people can be, they enjoy the moment while they know that it will vanish for ever. Martin Buber, the great philosopher deals with great encounters when two persons influence each other for the rest of their lives, he emphasizes that the encounters we miss, can be just as important as the real ones. The poem is a great proof that letting love go doesn't really mean losing it, just the opposite. Great souls are able to resign, and keep their emotion forever. Unfortunately in George Eliot's Middlemarch the heroine who loves this poem is not able to find this kind of love. She ruins the man whom she marries. I am glad to find this poem. It was a great encounter for me. Hegedus Katalin from Hungary

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