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gordon coombes

nova scotia, canada
gordon coombes
nova scotia, canada

Let's Get Surreal: For H.P. Lovecraft

Rating: 3.8
Lets get surreal the rest is too common place
let us crawl inside paintings
roaming ancient ruins
crossing ancient battlefields
from Marathon to Waterloo
to Gettysburg to Caledon
to the storming of the Bastille
to the beaches of Normandy
let us walk across the sand
let us walk across the sky
over mountains & oceans
let us walk into the sea
let us go you & I
let us walk with the dead
let us go into caverns beneath the sea
where the ancient ones lurk in the stygian darkness
lurking around ancient stonehenges of cyclopean stones
always lurking about just out of sight
caught sometimes out of the corner of our eyes
like a wisp of smoke like an almost imperceptible shadow
along dark as pitch country roads
between rows of trees
in deep ravines in deserted public parks
along lonely streets late at night in towns & cities
forever alone even the beloved is an illusion
her beauty cloaking rotting flesh-

as if from the bright full moon colours streamed
streams of flashing singing lights
a wordless song chilling & haunting
as if the celestial spheres were lamenting
as if the tears of a thousand gods were falling-

taking a walk on the misty moors
& across the wind-swept barrens
staring into the pitch-darkness
light bounces off the moon
& onto the trees lighting the narrow path
through the small grove
i sense something is present
I shiver chilled to the bone
then it passed
each time it is the same
a coldness envelops my body
then the faces appeared
then the towers of jade
a door opened
an old man stood at the window
wandering through the labyrinth corridor
looking out a window I could see the whole town
its lights rolled down to the harbour
as the future unrolled before me
in all its dreary detail
each choice mulled over inevitable
always the same choice
always the same road taken into oblivion
yet a flower glowing in the moonlight
having forced its way through these fields of barren rocks
where the wind is cold off of the sea & its always blowing
then the vision faded
I could not find any doors or the old man-
as I walked through the bushes something odd appeared
giant grey slugs were gathered together
in the name of the ancient ones the old Gods
to Cthlulu & Dagon &Ahura Mazda & Marduk & Mammon
who travel through the spaces between the stars
needing our belief to feed upon
to grow in power
with waking eyes or in deep sleep
how could this be I watched their ceremony
knowing I had finally gone mad
they spoke in a language I recognized
though I only heard it once before
they were chanting some incantation from
the mysterious infamous Necronomicon
as they sacrificed one of their own-

in the cemetery sea gulls & ravens gather together
at twilight calling softly to the earth
to the darkening sky to the wind stirring in the trees
a crowd of birds on the ground go into a frenzy
tearing at something at a newly dug grave site
fresh dirt is strewn around
there is a wet looking redness on the birds
something once alive is being tossed about
I turn away hoping they take no notice of me-

at first a single howl in the distance
as if Jeremiah were howling in the wilderness
a single coyote in the night
then a chorus of howling
speaking in their alien tongue
what would cause such a cacophony
a deer somewhere run to ground
helpless exhausted legs bitten bleeding
now surrounded dinner is served-
from the Arabian Knights
to Shakespears Ghosts & faeries
from Milton & Dante & Bosch & Goya
from Poe & Mary Shelly & Bram Stoker
what dreams they envision
those strange frantic lamentations fill the air
around decaying castle walls
ruins of former opulence
cries of the decadent rich
afflicted with delusions
with hallucinations of scenes of horror
the trees the leaves the grass at night
all reaching out
crying out screeching
in a crescendo of screams
leaving us frozen unable to move
everything is hunting us
we are its food
sucking the juice of our spirit
our soul our spark of life
we are left in despair
our death feeds a multitude
of twisted indescribable beings
seen only through the magic window in the Jade Tower-

beyond appearance is belief
the improbable becomes the probable
all life is a single glowing ball
tossed about by the crashing waves of time-

standing near the cliffs hanging out into the ocean
in the middle of the night as stampeding hordes of horses
their riders grotesque alien creatures
entering breaking into our world
wielding swords & battle axes
the multieyed bushes turn their eyes toward us
they lick their lips lash out with their tentacles
as we stumble about the air fills with menacing insects
ravenous for flesh & blood mandibles gnashing
a door appears it is part of a little shack
if we enter discover an altar of stone
stained with the blood of its victims
unless they were true believers -

we try to wake up dreams delusions visions
works of the imagination guided by some force
unknown & unknowable
then they turn on us
fleeting glimpses of enlightenment
giving us no rest where does the world end
dropping off into the glittering ocean of stars -
Rich Hanson 26 February 2005
I loved Lovecraft as I was growing up and I loved the poem. You've captured his language and imagery well and have really brought back some memories. May Cthulhu overlook you when he ravages the world.
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