Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*let The Year 2k+11 Blossom! Comments

Rating: 2.7

Let the year 2k+11 blossom
Ever let it remain green handsome
The world to be at peace and harmony!


Subbaraman N V
Christina Phan 07 January 2011

i'm speechless, its was that good. i enjoy this one the most 10+++

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Nidhi Kumari 01 January 2011

Simply outstanding a piece. The acrostic is very innovative. Well done!

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Cs Vishwanathan 01 January 2011

Unexceptionable sentiments. A paradise if realised. The acrostic on the poem's name is rather well done in respect of theme and intentions.

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James Casey 31 December 2010

Lets us all have the insite to make your poem a reality

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