Letter To My Unborn Child Poem by Solomon Njoku

Letter To My Unborn Child

I appreciate this great nature,
for thy privilege precious gold "life".
O my dearie child,
for long thy live in my heart,
I can't live without thee,
even though, thy are not with me,
" yet" I feel thy presence.
Son, anytime I imagine how thy smile
and open up thy two pretty teeth, with dimples
on your cheeks, I always remember a word "transfiguration".

Son, every night I gaze up to the sky,
and see a circle cirrus light twinkling
with thou star in the midst shining,
and the moon smiling, I imagine how great
image of thee. Phenomenal and daddy's pride.
thou are more beautiful than an angel.

O my humble child, daddy knew that the world
is too heavy, and that life is not ease, but I promise
thee, that the circumstances of the earth shall
never hurt you, none the tattered rain swore thee.
I will always be with thee, cover thee, and drive off
flies from thee. with God good health I promise
to give thee my wealth.

My sweetheart, I know thou are hearing me,
thou boast my strength, and fulfilled my
exhausting energy, and makes me to have
sweet dreams.
Son, with extremely joyful, I can't denial
to compliment an incredible nature of thee.
I love thee.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: theatre
Uche Nwanze 02 January 2020

Beautifully penned. Nice one Solomon

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Emeka Nnaji 10 January 2019

your poem is good full with imagery and soft tone

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Kenechukwu Ekwenta 07 September 2018

Very nice brother,keep it up

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