Lauren Crews

Liars - Poem by Lauren Crews

You take that step.
You keep on walking,
Because in the end,
It's all for nothing,
Because that step is taken,
On a road to no where.
Leading to a world that
Bleeds red where love is rare.
They plead,
And you ignore.
They give,
And you want more.
It's never enough,
No matter what we do.
It's just a game,
That's all it is to you.
Our lives just a game,
In this world where you play.
Where you build up walls,
To keep us at bay.
Where lies are abundant,
And murder is a norm.
Where you hate and you cheat,
Where you build up the storm.
Lives detroyed,
While you line your pockets,
We beg and plead,
And you mock us.
You sit there and pretend,
You laugh in our face.
You act like we're the ones,
Who should be filled with disgrace.
But it's you who should,
Be put to shame,
Because you're the ones,
Who are to blame.
You ignore our cries,
You ignore our pleads,
We ignore your lies,
And you ignore our screams.
You sleep peacefully,
While we sneak around.
You dream about hatred,
But awake to find yourselves bound.
Bound to your lies,
Bound to your ways,
Bound to live out your lives,
Till the end of your days.
Your love was a lie,
As we lie in bed wide awake,
There's nothing left to try,
There's nothing left to break...

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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