Kathia Chavez

Lied To Herself♥ - Poem by Kathia Chavez

You were there and so was i
i looked deep into those eyes
and i saw myself
i saw wat i've b-come

it wasnt me
not who i use to be

you changed me..no
i changed 4 you
and i dont like it

i was blinded
blinded with wat i thought was love
but all it was
was a waste of my time

i had my version of love
and you had yours
i met you and we collided

i decided to change
so i wouldn't lose you
but instead i lost myself...

i made myself belive you were the one
but you were the one that messed up my life...

i fell in a bottomless pit or so i thought
and i finally hit the ground...it was tough
but worth it

i'll move on
and put the past behind
and i'll be in a shell of fear for a while
afraid to love...
afraid to be loved...

Once out never going back
not a second chance
i'd rather burn alive then lose myself again

not going back
not a chance
let me be
you and i aren't meant to be

get it thru ur head
and let go cuz i already did
gud bye

And yes i end up fine
while he's in pain
told him to let go
pero da tonto wont...

its over
theres no hope for him..not unless he moves on
he does
but always loves me in his own way

i am gone
i disapeared
and re-appeard

wanted to say hi
i guess i wana burn
cuz i need u bak

second chance
you say you changed
and i believe...for now

but this time
i'm ready
first wrong thing
and i'm already gone...


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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 20, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, August 20, 2010

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