Antony Zig

Light And Dark - Poem by Antony Zig

Light beams seem to fly over me leaving me in the state of dreming that I can fly.
Which came first the dark or the light am I consumed in total darkness or can't see for the fact of how bright it is?
In my dreams i soar past these light beams only to wake up to reality and realize there is four corners surrounding me.
I look up and see nothing but pitch black the light beams seem to have left me all because I stayed in the state of dreaming.
Which holds more truth the dark or the light and would I rather be ignorant since that makes everything seem alright?
My dreams now are tormented by succubus-es appearing as those in the past making me realize how not bad ass I was.
which one is good the dark or the light am I just a pawn in this forever lasting fight?
These dreams became nightmares but nightmares I accustomed to I know it mite sound crazy to you but I figured I was bound to lose.
Which one is winning the dark or the light, what are they fighting for, for total control or for everyone to bestow... their power?
After 107 nightmares a light beam came which had me in disbelief, this one beam brought many other beams and showed me I needed to continue dreaming.
which came first the light or the dark and why is light but a beam and darkness a vast extreme?
I dreamed the first time in forever, I dreamed of flying and when I woke in reality I seen the four corners sitting under me while lifted up and shot off. The beam said to not forget the four corners as I was not allowed to leave until I learned from my mistakes, and I will make much more on my flight But even light is not always right and dark is not total evil.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Its a story of a kid that loses it all everything that meant meaning in his life was gone and left alone(darkness) and the beams of light is what he wants in life which is why he only see's them while dreaming, his dreams gets ruined by all the mistakes and past loves he has made which then turns to nightmares. he fights the nightmares for a long time until he grew tired and gave up. '107 nightmares' represent 3 months of closely the same nightmares every night and then a beam helped him dream again the beam representing a person close to him. and told him the message at the bottom of the poem.

I wrote this, because i was unemployed for 3 months started losing a lot in my life that I wanted to give up on life but a good friend of mine helped me and I'm not stable yet but working on it. Gotta keep dreaming BIG.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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