Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Like Coin, My Heart I Toss Comments

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There are wishes
There are kisses
There are princes
There are thousand riches


Aphrodite Anastasia Menegaki
Daniel Brick 10 August 2017

You wowed me completely with this poem. I simply love it. Why? Because the tone is jaunty and perky but the thought behind the carefree tone is complex. In fact, someone NOT paying close attention to the drift of the stanzas might conclude this is a poem of irresponsible delight. Actually, you express the complexity of entering the world of genuine emotions with outer optimism but inner caution. Your optimism is especially welcome: you will not let fears spoil your high spirits. But you are on your guard. The closing passage may indeed be wish fulfillment, but we need dreams like this one to guide us in the real world: the dreams shows what we truly want and will not settle for anything less. The coin toss symbolizes the force of Fate which looms over us, but also the risks we are willing to take to achieve our dreams.

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Dear Daniel, once again you've so accurately looked into my soul and mind and expressed exactly what I was feeling and wanted to convey through my poem! Thank you so much! ! Thank you! ! I'm so very happy you liked my effort and that you so clearly looked inside me! Thank you! !

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Ajay Kumar Adarsh 22 August 2016

this poem carry great message..... awesome lines: - There are wishes There are kisses There are princes There are thousand riches But only one my heart misses There are sinners and There are winners There are zeros and There are heroes

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Thank you! ! ! ! Thank you so much! ! !

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Dr Antony Theodore 04 March 2016

How my fears I leave behind It's your love I want to find As I step on this fragile bridge As I find where this journey leads Will you meet me half way there? this is a beautiful love poem. promise me my love that you wont watch me falling. sooooo great and nice. thank you for this poem. tony

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Very happy you liked it, Dr.Brahmin! ! Thank you! !

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Dimitrios Galanis 26 January 2016

Once again on this poem, The agony of the flaming heart is pictured by a very clever icon, that of the bridge which makes the pace to the target so visible.The other icon of tossing the heart gives you to feel what on stake.The vital decision concerns the whole life, you thing it is about life or death.Oh yes, death, when a love wxpected fails a life whole fades, a heart droops, withers, schrevels up.And all these you see in front of your feeling, your understanding.A poemto be adrmired for its real poetic values, Kudos Aphrodite.

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Dear sir, thank you so much for your wonderful words! ! Indeed, it seems like choosing amongst life & death. Wouldn't worth it to risk all that there is for love?

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Roseann Shawiak 08 January 2016

Loved this poem of love and taking chances. Like tossing a coin into a wishing well and waiting for the one you love to appear. Questioning whether they're the one or if it'll be another. Great energy building imagery in this poem, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Dear RoseAnn, thank you so much for your beautiful comment about my poem! ! :) I am very glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Howard Savage 06 January 2016

Great metaphor, gambling with you heart, is sometime the only to win love or another heart.

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Thank you sir! ! Indeed, sometimes it's the only way... I guess it takes the faith and determination and perhaps... the courage of a gambler to through your heart to a man's feet because you believe in him...

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Dimitrios Galanis 06 January 2016

?y first reading I have been astonished to see the feelings flowing so living in, between, under, futher of the verses. The use of the english vocabulary so large and accurate.The rhyme as natural river with its repeated different and sames sounds. Dear Aphrodite, I'm sure that you will grow to be a great poetess.

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Thank you so much, Mr. Galanis! ! ! Thank you for your encouraging words! ! !

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