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Like Titanic Part 4 - Poem by LULU MERO


I have seen how you look at her,
and how she returns that look,
I might be a cook, but that i didn't cook
you claim she's your cousin...
but, whoa dude...
I wasn't born yesterday!
what happened to our kisses? Ehh?
our intimate moments are no longer for just us
you have her in your mind,
you say her name in your sleep,
and you never bring me flowers like you used to,
you never wake up to watch me wake,
and you never kiss my nose when u think i look cute.
You say you're busy but, you are sinking our boat...
our titanic will lie in the sea bed...
I cry every night, but you snore even louder,
a sorry to say, you don't dare why?

Are you tired of our love?
Your way break me heart daily.
I would rather be outside in the rain
than be in a fire, burning 2 ashes
because of you


Don't take me back to that fateful night,
I see you are trying to play a blame game
by making my concerns your pleasure.
Your best tools are moments of my hard times
the ones you use to pin nails on my head.
You came home late,
spent time making him your comedy
while i was speeding on the fast lanes
trying to rescue my sister from a tragedy.
she was dying, i was trying and you were lying,

maybe lying with him, oh no....
My sister's lipstick marks on my shirt
is what you use to push me into your trap,
why be so blinded by evil thoughts?
I wish you could see the difference
I know my conscious is clean,
but your eyes were getting green
and evidence is what you kept searching on me
Where was the love?
Who was sinking our Titanic?
I knew we were not thorn-less roses
but your thorns became so sharp and poisonous
just like Titanic,
I thought we were floating on the sea of love
with time, we are drowning in the same.
and if you cant trust me
she will be here in a moment
this will proof my innocence...

Lulu Pearl

Knock! knock! on the door
Please don't ignore..
It's mee.....
Yes! me your in-law
Why playing the game of war
I am just the cousin..
The Cousin you don't know..
Personally here to defend..
Defend the urge of fight you felt for
He is my cousin you never know
I can never blame you or him though
Listen to me in-law! !
Very carefully before u deplore..
Now here i never mean to tore
To tore the love that I care for
You two people are meant to adore
Look at this house...
This house should have been a dancing floor
No! Not a place for war........
I am not a whore..
Never sell candy store..
You can see clearly our resemblance
Same nose even gap in our teeth
Maybe i should call uncle Gisbeth
Even better call both with aunt Elizabeth
So you can have peace of mind restore
Restore the hype of your love Titanic
Prevent you from thoughts like satanic
Maybe save both from a heart panic
I hate to see you two fight like manic
I found u fight and explode loud like volcanic
The time has come, ...
Time to fix and call mechanic
A mechanic is your faith, honesty and trust
This love really needs a skilled mechanic...
To prevent going down like Titanic

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A series of lovers conflict which is made with three people collaboration

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