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Little Child - Poem by Kate Thompson

Little child, fear no more,
Heaven isn’t far from you.
Little child rest those eyes,
Angels will guard those weary nights
Little child, comforts near,
Allow the broken pieces to fall
Little child, I see you too
The little child, I once knew

Little child, why do you cry into the depth of the night?
With dried out eyes, but a weeping spirit.
Why do you tremble why do you hide?
Little child.
Little child what I see when I look at your eyes,
How you need, how you want someone by your side.
Your locked in darkness, with no escape
Howling for safety weeping for love
Crying out for someone to hold you through the pain
Just to guide you but hold you, so you feel protected.
I see your crawling away to hide, shames your clothing for the night.
Don’t hide your hands, your smile, your eyes,
It’s ok to cry to show fear and pain.
Little child left out in the night alone
Deserted, forsaken, discarded,
Unwanted, and betrayed,
Gripping the floor, hiding one’s face,
Cold and afraid, so cold and afraid.

I see the child I do not know,
Each time I close my eyes.
Misunderstanding what I see
Then realisation the child’s within myself.
Perplexed as to why and what I see
Nothing can relate this figure to me,
The broken looking being, shaking with fear
This couldn’t be I, with such a strong-hearted core,
I sense uneasiness in the deepest foundations.
It grips and send’s a shudder into my existence
The walls I once knew, disappearing before my eyes.
Unsure of the unknown unsure of what is identified.
Beyond the mind holds blocked off door,
A soul trampled down though ungrounded once more.
Could it be I howling for safety, weeping for love,
Trembling, hiding, cold and crushed?
Could it be I – the unknown figure I see,
The little child so lost within me.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 2, 2011

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