gordon nosworthy

Little Chimpanzees In Chequered Pants - Poem by gordon nosworthy

i’m on a roll
get out of my way
little chimpanzees in chequered pants
demand apeneck sweeney
learn them how to dance
what the hell does that mean
i think it means absolutely
something like mostly nothing
but above all just sounds
similar to the sound of the roller
bull-dozing over the townsfolk
too paralyzed by their own rules
to do anything but whine and sputter
even after i’ve come and gone away from here

look i’m a huge fan of myself
i’ve rolled in my head for years
i bull-doze even myself
whatever i say is right
i only make excuses
when i make excuses to myself
i make policies based upon
how i wake up in the morning
i absolutely adore
the sound of my own thinking
it makes me want to ride bareback
on a white horse around the center ring
encourage elephants to lay atop my chest
catch an arrow with my teeth
without breaking my caps

some might say i am abusive
to be so strong
i disagree i’m not wrong
i am just absolutely strong
they’re wrong when they say i’m wrong
they have their heads stuck up their chimneys
you know what that means
stuck up their chimneys
you know sweeps and lampblacks
and dark dark places
like i said i’m strong not wrong
i said it many many many times before
i’m not wrong you’re wrong
when you say i’m wrong
i like elephants
and they like me

now for the next grievance against me
remember i’m on a roll i’m not wrong
bring it on on a barge on a float a trojan horse
something everybody can see
everybody agrees at least they tell me
i’m a unifier a consolidater a coordinater
i take things that are broken
unify them by fracturing them some more
crushing them it’s a new form of quantum
smash everything till all the parts are mashed
and mingled and shooken up
wave a magical hand over the clutter
and what emerges works again
works so well it makes all other straight lines
obsolete now i’m not wrong
i make broken things work again

it’s easy when you’re on a roll
i’m always on a role
no i mean on a roll
not that i’m recanting or making excuses
or pulling back even a step
i didn’t really misspeak
it’s all in how you hear what i say
you can hear what you think
you want me to say
or you can hear
what you think i want you to hear
whatever you hear it’s wrong
unless it’s what i want you to hear
i’m definitely on a roll
remember the little chimpanzees
i’m strong not wrong

Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 12, 2015

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