george obizulike (poet ivy) george obizulike (poet ivy)

Lost - Poem by george obizulike (poet ivy) george obizulike (poet ivy)

I’m lost because life’s complexity keeps arriving at my doorstep more often than simplicity
I’m lost because she let me in her world and now I’m lost in it
I’m lost because when I go to University I don’t understand most lectures.
You are lost because you keep letting your schooling get in the way of your education
I’m lost because most times I look in the mirror who I see is not who I expected to see
You are lost because you sometimes doubt the Creators amazing grace
You are lost because you are always lusting over the opposite sex
You are lost because you have dreams but you never chase your dreams
You are lost if for one split moment you believed in Darwinism
She’s lost because she’s deeply in love with him; he is just in lust with her bosom
He is lost because he thinks knocking the boots with loads of girls makes him a real man
I’m lost because my parents didn’t teach me anything about the birds and the bees
I’m lost because instead of revising for my exams, but I’m on Facebook constantly refreshing my homepage for updates and news

She’s lost because she thinks she’s hotter than the sun and the world revolves around her big behind
He is lost because he can’t be himself in a world that’s constantly trying to change everyone
She’s lost because she keeps going where any path leads instead of going where there’s no path and leave a new trail
Those couples over there are lost because they are unaware that their hottest love now might have the coldest ending later
I am lost because most times my mind travels like water travels through pipes, leaving me mesmerized and dazzled.

My mate Dave is lost because he keeps letting the few good girls slip through his hands like grains of sand. He is oblivious that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
She’s lost because she’s irresponsible, hence she can’t think likely or hopeful of the future
He’s lost because he sees every gorgeous girl as a natural born beehive with honey filled to the top for him to tap some of it
You are lost because you never judge me by my questions, you only judge by my answers. Why?
I’m lost because my lack of clarity about some of my friends’ actions brings about cautious anxiety when I do associate with them
She’s lost because she lacks self esteem, neither does she take pride in how far she has come nor does she have faith in how far she can go in life.
I’m lost because every time she smiles at me, my heart jumps and I’m consumed with shyness plainly because her smile is as bright as a fluorescent lamp
This world is a big place; we all get lost or lose something at some point,
You are not alone,
We can’t help it,
We just can’t help it.
You think you can control it? ? ? Get lost.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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