Lost To Find My Lot Poem by Olivia Braun

Lost To Find My Lot

Rating: 4.6

Lost in a world, that scares me to death,
Lost in a crowd I'm losing my breath,
Lost as a kid, lost as an adult
I feel everything is falling apart and its my fault
Lost as a person, cant find my way
Lost in life every day, Lost in worry
Who am I?
I've lived a Lie
Lost to Kindness,
Lost to Love
Lost in the sky,
Like a lonely dove
Lost in thought which I shouldn't do
It Winds me up,
I can't get through
Lost to comfort all kind words
Lost to advice that isn't heard
Lost to those who really care?
All these people always there
Lost in Me, I need a break
Lost in wonder which road should I take?
Lost in a place I don't know well
Where are you now? There's no one to tell
Lost here all alone To break these walls
Lost in mind
Lost in soul
Lost memories, there just a hole
Lost family, lost my place
Still yet I'm full of hate
Lost in boredom think I'll leave
There's a lot in life I need to achieve

Lost To Find My Lot
Greenwolfe 1962 26 August 2008

I'd like to recommend this but I gave it a 7 instead of an 8 because the writing isn't structured as well as it might have been. The problem here is not so much content as the presentation of that content. GW62

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Chantel Weston 24 September 2008

i think that this is amazing! ! i totaly understand it! !

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Derek Henderson 26 September 2009

excellent poem expressing exactly how I'm feeling at the moment and written by someone who was fifteen at the time and I'm 52! !

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Marshall Cline 15 January 2009

I relate with this peace, I know the feeling of being lost and alone but still having so many around you. This shows much promise. ~Marshall Peter Cline II

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Zohri H 23 April 2009

its really an amazing Peom, i think you feel guilty about something you never done. you deserve 10/10

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Lily Law 05 December 2013

we can be surrounded by sea of people with all the worldly luxuries and yet the feeling of lost always haunting our souls. great work!

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Johnneisha Lee 03 November 2013

wow sometimes im lost and this expresses me alot

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Amy Nguyen 23 January 2012

Did you get my message

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Debbie Cook 26 February 2010

I love it. Thank you hun...

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Cass Vitale 06 November 2009

This is amazing. thank you and keep writing.

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