Love And Homework Poem by Alexander Julian

Love And Homework

You need to do your homework.
But, here's the catch:

You need to LOVE your homework.

You need to "love" the homework you do.
Do not get careless about it.
Do not even be mindless about it.
Care about the homework, if you please.
A philosopher loves his homework.
A workaholic just does his homework.
There is a big difference.
If you love the homework, you are a philosopher.
If you just do it for a grade, you are a workaholic.
Do not avoid love in school.
You should care about the teacher, the class, and the important subject.
When this is not possible, you are probably in the wrong location.
But, it could just be you, not the homework.
Who are you?
You should do your homework; however, never forget who you are.
Love should be flowing in your heart.
Draw your heart on a piece of paper.
Write about your heart in a test.
Experience the effects of science for your heart.
Submit your homework with a heart of love.
When you just do it for information, that is always a failure.
A philosopher never dislikes his homework.
Homework requires love; a home requires love.
You need to work.
But, do not lose your heart.
Everyone will notice if your heart is missing.
A school is also teaching goodness, not just knowledge.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
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