Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Me If You Can! Comments

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Love me, if you can!
Love the hell, I have created!
Love my misfortunes!
Love the ugly face of hatred...


Mj Lemon 15 March 2017

A very powerful poem. It asks someone to offer love....almost a dare. Very often we harvest the greatest metaphysical riches when we defy first impulses...and take up the dare. A great poem. A 10.

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Unwritten Soul 23 October 2016

The contrast art is what you showed in the poem, I mean look at your poem hate me if you can This is a different dimension of it, i loved it Dear you tell the ugly things that you think you have But who is in the world has most perfect and now So its not hard to love if we understand and accept Its not hard to love when we know that we ourselves also has flaw At least you tell the truth and warn, that actually sweet for a real friendship Honest, people tend to hate but the easiest is to love if they know For sure we all here can love you with no problem :) Nice poem Ali

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Shahzia Batool 27 December 2013

A strong write, indeed! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 27 December 2013

We live in dirt and die in dirt. That is the reality. Love me the way I am. Nicely said. Thank you.

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Ruby Mostazir 06 December 2013

No if, no but...a true lover's job is only love da way things are. nice poem.....

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Lady Grace 09 June 2009

love has many faces it will destroy but it won't destruct love is always in our hearts regardless of words mentioned in your poem, , , .grace

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Ashraful Musaddeq 14 May 2009

'Love my greedy thirst Quenches... giving me more thirst I love this dirt on my mind I love it very first! ' Love is the core desire of the poem that expressed here in a lucid manner, in a lovely way. Love it with 10.

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Uzma Jamil 12 May 2009

Ali y dont u c the world wd positive eyes.

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rago rago 06 May 2009

a very nice write........and love neither blind nor have eyes....... a true love always live......... a good write as a poem.

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Delicate Heart 27 April 2009

very nice one, the theme has really struck me with its delicasy.well done

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Fathmath Sana 14 April 2009

are you challenging me? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? hehe. kidding! nice and EVIL work! love it. two thumb up!

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Hadi Hussain Butt 06 April 2009

wonderful, Love me if u can, a challenge, a plea, wonderful, simply wonderful :)

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Miriam Maia Padua 05 April 2009

a very great poem... strong words playing... ...LOVE ME if you a beautiful example of loving the unlovable...loving with no ifs... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE... ...I got a feeling of sadness but I'm also amused reading this piece... great thoughts...ideas on love is really great. 10+++++i like this

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Ken E Hall 29 March 2009

A very original love poem sad thru...a dare of love with no guarentees....hope its not you Ali keep on writing enjoyed regards uavaniceday

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Soumia Benmechiche 17 March 2009

Very nice poem with hard words, I felt little sadness in it but I really liked it.Thank u for sharing dear friend. Best wishes

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Amazing job with this. i can really connect to it.

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Kesav Easwaran 09 March 2009

here in this world, so many love all these of theirs...wonderful piece Muhammad...contain truthful words...10

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Greenwolfe 1962 17 February 2009

This is really essential for a lasting love. It is not just a saying. Though it is a saying we all should take with us everywhere we go. It is the challenge we all face when we fall in love. Expressed very well. GW62

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anne adam 12 February 2009

i love it, your poems are so great.keep it up

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Naidz Ladia 08 February 2009

these lines are honestly frank.....straight to the point that u r a kinda weird, i mean u have a very peculiar identity, a unique personality but kind in reality.. naizz

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