Michael P. McParland

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Love Note 337 - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Hello my sweet love and I hope
that you had a good day yesterday
and I am sorry I went silent
on you out of nowhere,
after the Chinese food I had for lunch
that made me feel more tired
than I already did and laid down
on the couch for a short rest
and as you can see I didn't wake up.
I'm sorry sweet love and please
don't be upset,
I promise right now I'm doing
the very best that I can
and I am so angry with myself
and some stuff around here,
I'm not angry with you one little bit
I promise my dear I just miss you
like hell and wish you were here
to hold so very close and talk to
each other about all our frustrations
and all of what's making us happy.
I love you my sweet Kira and want
to be with you so near holding your hand
and drying each others tears.
I'm afraid that you're angry at me
and I wish there was a way I could explain
why I'm so tired and why I'm frustrated
with me and other things.
I miss you sweet Kira and am send sweet
kisses and hugs of deep warmth your way.
I adore you my dear,
my sweet Angel dove.

I love you sweet Kira and am
reaching out to you to take your
sweet hands and pull you in for a good
and warm late night approaching early morning
snuggle before I go in to take
a refreshing shower to wash away
the last of the tiredness and maybe frustration.
I promise I don't stink,
see you just smiled my sweet darling,
so a snuggle of true warmth and care
to let you know that I'm there
and I'll give you sweet kisses on your
sweet and soft cheek and I apologize
if my very short stubble scratches just a bit.
I love you sweet Kira and am
reaching out for a sweet snuggle right now
to give you sweet warmth and reassurance
that your Michael is here
and will always stick right by your side.
I promise to fight so very hard
to stay up through this day just for you
as long as I can.
Kira my dear I will fight so very hard
because I love you more than anything.

A very very early good morning
on this very very late night
just approaching the morning and I
give you sweet kisses of light,
I am sorry sweet dear I've been sleeping so much
but know that one day soon
I will help you understand when
I am able to explain what's going on.
I love you my darling one and don't want
you to feel worried, upset, neglected
or anything bad at all.
I love you my darling one and I'm
reaching out to take your hands
and snuggle with you before I get up
to take my shower to wash away
all the sadness and frustrations
that I feel from what is around
and inside of me and I promise
I will fight my tiredness today
to stay up just for you.
Been planning all week to go out with
my parents to lunch but right now
that is a solid joke so that
and maybe being forced going to the store
are the only places I would be going.
I love you Kira and will always be here
just for you so let's snuggle now
and just bask in the loving warmth that we share,
and later when I jump in the shower
I wish you would be here to snuggle with
after I got out or even join me
not for sex but a refreshing time
to just hug under the water as we
stood there holding each other.
I adore you sweet Kira you are the best
and remember your Michael will
always be here and right by your side
to give you all of my support and undying love.

Topic(s) of this poem: true love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I love you so very much Kira and I am sorry if I have been letting you down. I adore you my darling dear and am reaching out to pull you in for a snuggle here on this early early morning. I couldn't live my whole life without you. ILYF

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