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Love Note 393 - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Good afternoon my sweet beautiful love
and saying that I give you
these many sweet kisses of pure love
and hope that you are not angry or upset
or over thinking little worries.
I also wrap you up in this
enormous hug to fill us both with
deep need warmth as well as comfort too,
and an extra squeeze to let you know
I so need you and your immense love
from your soft heart,
a squeeze that is also a needed sign
that I ask from and because
of my love for you which is so deep and true.
I have no doubt in your faith
and belief in my love and pure intent
for you and all you hold dear
but it is a pride I put on myself
to prove and show to my lady
my true and loving intent.
So I give that little extra squeeze
in my hug and a small peck
of a kiss on the forehead
to let you know that I love you truly
and need you because you are my Angel
and a blessing and I believe and trust in you.
I know you will always help
catch me when I fall and the likes
of which happens to us on earth
just as I will always be there to catch you
and give you endless help and support
with true loves strength mighty and great.

It was maybe just an hour after
my good morning message this morning
that I was hit by a massive wave
of deep tiredness and fatigue
and fell asleep very quickly
as soon as my head hit the pillow
and my eyes closed.
That is the largest part of why
you have not heard from me sooner.
Then when I awoke a little while ago
it was in the very deepest pits
of sadness and despair.
A lot of things in a way really,
missing you and needing your company,
touch, words, just you in whole
has been the hardest
but there are other struggles
and frustrations that add on as well
like my constant companion
bipolar as you know and a few other
small things I'm sure we've talked about,
there are those you don't know though
simply because the chance or
right circumstance has not presented itself.
So I had to shake that off
before I could operate at all
and then just before beginning this
and up through trying to eat
with a mouth full of canker sores.
So I apologize for my long silence
and not being here my dear,
also I am writing very slow.
My usual speed is not clicking right now
but I will as I always do write for
and to you because you are my soul mate
and hero I so adore and I will never give up
on you or what matters anywhere
because with you my true love,
diamond in the rough, and sweet Angel dove
I have a reason which then gives more.
I love you sweet Kira and will always
stand by your side in true love eternally
with my divine one.
I will always fight for and defend
the woman I placed on high as my Queen,
a place that only Kira could have ever claimed
because you truly are my everything.

So I now close this note of deep love
and much emotion please have
a good evening and remember
I am right here and not leaving,
I will be there with you in spirit
holding tightly and giving you kisses
of deep warmth love and caring.
I will write as best as I can
and the pace right now will be slow
I'm afraid my sweet dear and apologize for.
Feel reassured and have peace in your heart
because your Michael will always
strive hard to make you so proud
because I adore your beautiful smiles
and love seeing you happy
so I always give my best for my sweet fair lady.
Remember sweet lady that all
I feel for you is deep tenderness
within the true love I hold for, carry, and give you.
I just wish to and want
to honor you always for and as the
wonderful woman I know that you are
and I so adore in every way to no end.

Topic(s) of this poem: true love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I'm sorry sweet Kira I was out of it for a long while with sleep and then trying to deal with those few things and pull it together and it did take me a long while to write this when compared to my normal rapid fire and flow from my mind etc. I am so sorry sweet one and I truly do love you so very much and need you in all times rough and bliss. That's why I want and need your loving help to help the rough pass by faster and there will be more times of joy for two people truly in love and deserving of the best of times. I love you to no end my sweet Angel dove. ILYF

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