Friday, December 5, 2008

*** Love You Tender *** Comments

Rating: 3.9

Miles away…your voices drifting
Far away…your crying milling
Apocalypse now…or never
The night is still freezing


Sulaiman Mohd Yusof
Souren Mondal 12 November 2015

A very nice, romantic poem.. Thanks..

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a loving tender poem, , passionated feelings

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Dead Poettess 27 April 2009

very influencial verse....keep it up..

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Dolan Doran 06 March 2009

nice peice...very good. the last line is..a little off, but it's a cool poem. well wrote.

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Chevelle Reid 22 January 2009

I Sulaiman i think that this poem is very lovely one, on the one to ten chart i would give you ten plus 10+ for such outstanding work you should post more poem to me i think your poems have me at your footsteps. Love Chevelle

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Maya Crisol 16 January 2009

a great poem for proposal. cheers

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Blue Eyes 27 December 2008

very nice poem that show how love can be some times confusing.not knowing what to do.i like it alot.

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Ashok Kumar 22 December 2008

Good. I think the more one is affected of something, the more beautiful is the way the emotions / words / poem comeout.

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Seema(Aanamika) 80 18 December 2008

I loved it.A very very romantic poem10 for this

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Rachel The Hair Guru 16 December 2008

Ahh, the long distance relationship. Loving from afar, no easy task. Stirs a mix of emotions. Very well written.

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Sean Hurrell 16 December 2008

i love this poem it makes you think that you are the preson within the poem

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Alexandra Gray 16 December 2008

Aww..this is very sweet, how lucky that girl must be.

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Renae Herron 15 December 2008

THIS POEM IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! ! .. i truly lovvve it.It has the perfect words to go to it.This has got to be 1 of the best poems ive read on this site.KEEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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Alia Suhanna 15 December 2008

What a beautiful poetry! So far, this is one of the best love poem I've ever read. Its a classic! ! You're a happenin poet.I believe many women would fall for you after reading this piece. Love Alia.

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Naidz Ladia 13 December 2008

i think, ths is the 10th x i read ths poem..very romantc, very nice, , , i felt ur sweetness in ths poem hon.. very very niccccccceeeeee..i reli like ths 1..

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LaTisha Parkinson 13 December 2008

wow. seductive! i love it! it's burning with pasion, great job

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Evaughn Gray 13 December 2008

wow that was so sweet, it was beautiful i loved it absolutely! it's a 10! ~Hazel G.E

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Wangui Mukiri 13 December 2008

Brilliant piece, emotionally piercing. I'm totally blown over. Passionate piece

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Mimi Fakhira 13 December 2008

Your poem is powerful and it shines brighter than mine. This is a very creative piece of work. Please comment on my poems called My Own Sea, Self-Destroy and A Mother's Purity.10 for this poem!

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Francesca Martin 13 December 2008

Sweet heavenly juices You produce from luscious I drink it all this is very passionate and shows your longing and yearning. it expresses your distance to the closeness you desire. lovely job

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