Jasmin Carriere

Make This Stop. - Poem by Jasmin Carriere

i thought that i had gone through enough
that god would finally give me a break
why does it seem that all god ever does is take.
he took my love, my heart, my soul he tore me apart.
he took my family my friends so i am left with no one to defend.

i am alone, the darkness, the air, its suffocating me.
the sky, the earth. its all turned to ashy debris
i am nothing, a figure who walks this earth
a shadow that is invisible, a mistake at birth
i am no more then a mere reflection in the window glass
i am just another human for him to torture, for him to harass

i want this to be over. please end it now!
all i need to know is how?
for someone who is said to love us so much
why does he take away everything i touch?
does it amuse you too watch me suffer this way?
do you enjoy turning my sunny blue skys to a cold darkening grey?

how the hell could you do this to me! ?
ive done no wrong! ijust want to be free!
im fed up and i cant take this anymore
you promised you would always be there for me you pinky swore!
but why? why me? why this?
why change my mind, my thoughts, my world, into a black abyss

i cant stand this feeling in my chest!
my dreams my hopes my lifes a mess!
this is your fault! i blame you!
now tell me what to do, tell me your point of view
i want to know what your thinking.

just please..
make me happy
make me laugh
make me smile
make me enjoy
please, i am not a toy..
i have feelings, i have senses
and this isent fair when im caught up here defenseless

-Jasmin Carriere

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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