' Man' Cannot Be Defeated Poem by anushmadhu Sanna Ratnavel

' Man' Cannot Be Defeated

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Sympathy is
Not less than a destroyer;
It kills the man
Who receives it;
Men who pose are
A killer of mankind.

Empathy is
For harnessing
And lights the world of the needy;

Accepting unfair
Popularity is a
Double-edged knife
For your own neck,
And let it not be sharpened
Very often.

Success does not exist
In life,
As well
The defeat is an illusion.
'Man can be Destroyed*
and Cannot be Defeated'

*Ernest Hemingway- The old man And the sea

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
Rachel Anderson 13 January 2010

this is such a good poem, so enlightning and so true. thanks :)

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Noel Horlanda 13 January 2010

You're right man can be destroyed but can't be defeated, because man is a smart alec. He can be destroyed by the sins he committed. This is a marvelous philosophical poem.

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Agent Chaos 12 January 2010

The opening line sets the tone for the entire piece. Again, I love it!

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Jequethia Jones 11 January 2010

this poem speaks to me on so many levels... I love the way you placed your words great job

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Ency Bearis 11 January 2010

an insightful poem....great poem.....10

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Louis Rams 13 February 2010

man destroys himself and all that is around, that is the reason this world has gone down.

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Bonnie Lundgren 09 February 2010

There is still honest, real love in the world. There are still men who would give their lives for another. There are people who would still sing in the face of adversity and I would sing with them. Is holding back sympathy, empathy, creating anything good? No. Looking away, or hardening your heart into cynicism will only bring bitterness. I, with the persecuted and with the savior, would become vulnerable. I would open my heart and love. And this is the power that changes lives, that the Lord God would touch an open heart. May your heart be open.

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Anju Addanki 20 January 2010

A gfood one nice words and true facts

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Jude Ogunade 16 January 2010

Anushmadhu, I believe sincerely in enthusiasm which is the spice of life, I believe also in cycles (in varying forms) . The end is actually the beginning, whilst in actual fact, there is never any end. We should then insist on quality life for everyone, for after all, the pains of life and joys of it, is for man himself.

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Maran Venugopal 16 January 2010

Man can be Destroyed* and Cannot be Defeated' terrific

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