Melophile Poem by Stewart Watkins


I've always been a mellow type of fellow
Laid back like 'dem seats in that Cadillac
Yeah! Real chill like that sleek '73 Deville
Even as a little boy the jukebox was my toy
Sweet rhythms of life abating all ills and strife
A manchild in a candy store
Robust bass, lovely strings, classy keys, harmonic horns......need I say more?

No worries!

I will continue; so vast, so deep, so true
Riding that old country road just shaking off the load
Hip-Hopping to the urban ghetto
Tupac and Biggie fo sho'
Miles and Miles of Trane jazzing through the sun and rain
Blues up, blues down, blues all around
Willie Dixon and that Chess Record sound
Feeling it deep in my spirit and heart
The voice of Mahalia Jackson I can't depart
Luther Vandross to Bob Marley
Bob James to Uncle Charlie
Madonna to Marvin Gaye
Earth, Wind & Fire to Cold Play
Jimi Hendrix to Janis Joplin
Stephanie Mills to Phil Collins
Blondie to Muddy Waters
Whitesnake to Crystal Waters
The Beatles to Bobby Bland
Sam Cooke to Duran Duran
Jackie Wilson to Jackson 5
Otis Redding to Maroon 5
Cassandra Wilson to the Doobie Brothers
Early Klugh to The Pointer Sisters
Regina Belle to James Brown
Patti Labelle to Chris Brown

(pause) deep breaths

Man! I think I better stop before I start talking about Prince and the King of Pop
But I have a confession to make
Please hear me out, it's not fake
I can't help it, I'm a melophile
Now, excuse me while I go tune in for awhile

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