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Memories of good times
Memories of bad times
Memories of our love
So many memories

Memories of us crying
Memories of us laughing
Memories of our commitment
So many memories

Memories of us hugging
Memories of us kissing
Memories of those late nights
So many memories

Memories of how we met
Memories of how you left
Memories of what you said
So many memories

Why did you leave me
with so many memories
Did you ever realize
that my memories are yours

Everything we did together
stays within our memories
I remember getting hurt
Do you hurt too

Let's make a new memory
that we can both share
Let's love again
in our memories

Romeo Della Valle 23 March 2012

Memories, oh memories of yesteryears that seem stamped in our minds forever! The more we try to forget them, the more deep they remain in all of us! If we all concentrate of vividly enjoying the good ones, then we won't be uptight dealing with the bad ones! This is an amazing and well penned write! 10+++ Keep it up, my friend and thank you for your valuable comments! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo-NYC http: //

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Victoria King 12 January 2014

there are many memories that I have and many more are being created now. i like how you mentioned the memories most have and some that others dont.

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Chun Khoo 12 October 2013

Thank you Adam for this beautiful poem... Brought tears to my eyes...

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Vala Z 29 May 2013

I love this one so much!

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sometimes memories can safe our life... or kill us.... we should not live in past but must remember all good things of our life. good wisdom poem. i like it

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Apphia Grimonia 24 March 2012

you really have a faithful heart in never end i guess..great poem..

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