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The shouts of children playing,
Bring back my happy youth.
To recall the time I was ten,
And lost a good front tooth.


Shaun Cronick
LeeAnn Azzopardi 21 January 2021
a beautiful memory to behold in a poem Bravo!
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Aarzoo Mehek 21 January 2021
Childhood memories are treasure to cherish. Beautiful poem.
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Unnikrishnan E S 21 January 2021
Memories of childhood events are so sweet and unforgettable.Your poem is mostlovely and sweet. Enjoyed reading. Five stars is too little for this beauty.
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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 January 2021
A wonderful reminiscence of childhood memories! Beautifully composed.. appreciated!
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duke perry abrokwa 30 December 2020
Memories are gold
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Rose Marie Juan-austin 30 December 2020
Wonderful poem and still is despite repeated visits. So beautifully versified. Very entertaining. Have a wonderful New Year Shaun and your loved ones as well
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Shaun Cronick 14 December 2020
Tony, good Tony. I'm glad an esteemed and much loved poet as yourself did enjoy reading it. Thank you for your more than kind words and generous, gracious comments you have bestowed on my poems. I wish you well good sir and may God Bless and Keep you and the loved ones around you. Take care and enjoy life.
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Dr Antony Theodore 08 December 2020
Suddenly I stopped, Put my hand up to my face. Found that where a tooth should be, I had an empty space. next day i was out with a battered.. such a fine thinking dear Shaun. tony
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Shaun Cronick 06 November 2020
Thank you Lodigiana for your more than superb and so uplifting comment. And glad to be of help and more than glad you enjoyed it. Memories are golden. And great, good memories are truly priceless. And thank for sharing your splendid ones and I hope your knees are now recovered! Lodigiana you too stay fit, take care and simply enjoy life. Shaun. x.
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Lodigiana Poetess 01 November 2020
Oh Shaun I have just found this fantastic poem! Such wonderfully evocative memories stirred up by your words...such a well deserved full mark! ! ! I could read this time and time again and be transported back to when I was 8 years old and on roller skates for the first time and came home with grazed bloodies knees but thrilled that i could skate- well kind of! Thank you so much for sharing this with us..It made my day. Stay fit, well and happy my friend xx Lodigiana
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Shaun Cronick 30 September 2020
Rose Marie thanks for revisiting and again thanks for your most welcome comments.
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Revisiting this marvelous poem. A great poem will never cease to amaze and entertain a reader no matter how many times it has been read. A poetic gem indeed!
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What a great and lovely remembrance ! It brightens a gloomy day. So vividly portrayed that it fuels the mind to reminisce our cherished and one of a kind experiences culled in the deepest chamber of of our mind and heart. So beautifully written with great rhyme and superb, superb imagery. Very entertaining. Loved it, Shaun. Onto my Poem List.
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Shaun Cronick 10 May 2020
Rose Marie you are so kind and eternally so generous thank you for your always warmly welcomed comments. I'm so glad a world-class poetess as your good self enjoyed reading it. I wish you well and the best things that life and poetry can bestow upon you. Thank you.
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Magadha 13 April 2020
We are neighbours. I have no poems. How come?
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Shaun Cronick 16 April 2020
Because your name's not really Magadha. Just a spamming alias.
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Anjandev Roy 17 February 2020
But next day I was out again.....significant. Thanks. anjandev roy.
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Shaun Cronick 05 March 2020
Thank you sir for your kind and always warmly welcomed comment. You sir the great writer of the magnificent, captivating poem Dingy Earth. I thank you so much and take care.
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Soran M. H 07 January 2020
very nice rhymed poem with unique and special story and event from your childhood, it is sad and funny at the same time, many thanks for this lovely piece of work and sharing it with us...10++
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Shaun Cronick 09 March 2020
Thanks Soran and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes it's nice to revisit and relive a memory bubble. Take care and I thank you again sir.
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Rajnish Manga 06 August 2019
The narrative of a childhood incident and its fallout is quite interesting. It reflects your skill to turn trivia into a work of art and a lasting beauty. Thanks a lot.
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Shaun Cronick 27 September 2019
Thank you Rajinish for your kind and most gracious comment. And I thank you again sir.
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Julia Luber 01 August 2019
This is one of those poems that celebrates the resilience of childhood most brilliantly. You are giving me flashbacks to childhood and all the pangs here and there that were here today gone tomorrow. What a fabulous time of life to remember with colorful engagement. Great poem!
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Shaun Cronick 02 August 2019
Julia thank you so much any comment from your good self is treasured and welcomed. Your poems Julia, your poems are simply breath- taking and stand alone classics. I thank you again Julia. Take care.
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Jane Campion 24 July 2019
For a memory of childhood to come back as a poem is special. Thank you Shaun for your nice comments.
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Shaun Cronick 26 July 2019
Jane I'm glad you of all the people here enjoyed it. You are simply outstanding and so gifted in your brilliantly penned poems. You make me so uplifted. Thank you again Jane. Take care.
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