Owain Glyn

Men In Grey Suits - Poem by Owain Glyn

There are men in grey suits who infest sand built towers,
Where they sit and they spit out their venom for hours,
Making judgments and plans which they say we must follow,
Leaving them to get fat in the shit that they wallow.

The Bishops and Priests and their dumb acolytes,
Spew out sermons and edicts and meaningless rites,
Whilst abusing the young that are left in their care,
They preach God's holy goodness in which we can share.

There are Judges, who sit, every day, upon high,
Peering down on the wicked they're placed there to try,
With their wigs and their gowns and their sashes of red,
They hide Call-Girls and Rent-Boys at home in their bed.

Politicians keep faces, at home, in a chest,
Where they change them, at leisure, to what suits them best,
Their rhetoric mixes both half-truths and lies,
With their aura of rectitude, just a disguise.

So, if your'e in a tunnel, and can't see a light,
Don't depend on these vendors of goodness and light,
They'll just take all you offer and then disappear,
Leaving you in the tunnel, and them in the clear!
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Poet's Notes about The Poem

The value of the great and the good.

Comments about Men In Grey Suits by Owain Glyn

  • Seema Jayaraman (11/13/2015 12:03:00 AM)

    Fantastic take.. on people in power, all wearing masks, zombies walking around in a world of pretense..the powerful get more powerful by abusing the ones in their care, the ones who look up to them for support.. thanks for sharing.. (Report) Reply

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  • Brian Mayo (11/12/2015 11:49:00 PM)

    And after it dawns that it's all been a joke
    Leaving you angry and verging on broke
    Call the police and report what you've learned
    They won't give a damn, but they'll act real concerned.
    (Report) Reply

    Brian Mayo (11/20/2015 12:59:00 AM)

    you're welcome.

  • (11/12/2015 8:26:00 AM)

    The world is full of fraudsters, cunning people who by their double speak cheat every one coming in their contact.
    Strait forward gentlemen are mostly victims of their tricks.
    Most realistic and meaningful poem. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.10+
    (Report) Reply

    (11/12/2015 9:18:00 AM)

    Thankyou for taking the time to read, and to comment. I agree with you.

  • Stephen Pennell (11/12/2015 6:44:00 AM)

    cracking poem, so very true its a messed up world (Report) Reply

    (11/12/2015 7:13:00 AM)

    Thankyou for taking the time to read. I agree, it certainly is

  • David Wood (11/12/2015 2:05:00 AM)

    Spot on comments on the society we live in. It will never change no matter how loud we scream. Have a read of mypoem O Britain. (Report) Reply

    (11/12/2015 9:20:00 AM)

    It is kind of you to read, I appreciate it.

    (11/12/2015 9:19:00 AM)

    Thankyou for reading, and commenting. It is a sad reflection on some in our society.

  • Kanav Justa (12/23/2012 11:17:00 PM)

    A very true poem... i hate those people too.... (Report) Reply

    (11/12/2015 9:22:00 AM)

    Thannkyou, there are some awful people in our society.

  • Ilaria Boffa (12/12/2012 3:53:00 AM)

    You know, I think there is a lot of mental corruption. To be authentic is a challenge, I mean, being pure at a heart, in our thoughts and as a consequence in our actions. You made me think of my country and the current economical situation. How many profiteers! But, we are all on the verge of falling in a way. I often ask myself who I am.
    Thank you for your provocation.
    (Report) Reply

  • Valerie Dohren (12/5/2012 5:43:00 PM)

    Love it - so full of cynicism, just like me. (Report) Reply

  • Lyn Paul (12/5/2012 7:21:00 AM)

    Hi Owen, you reminded me how scary life can be. Words that probably all should read. (Report) Reply

  • Maggie Munro (12/4/2012 5:52:00 AM)

    Ain't that the truth... (Report) Reply

  • (12/4/2012 1:39:00 AM)

    10 all the way, Owain! ! very punk rock - - - - (Report) Reply

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