Anjanay Pandey

Rookie (16 July 1996 / India)

Mermaids - Poem by Anjanay Pandey

Amid the giant and infinite ocean,
Bubbling forth as ethereal potion,
Lies the sprinkling of a few isles,
Stretching to but only few miles,
Yonder, the sun-kissed reef girdles,
They are but a few of minor hurdles,
Through the arrayed visage of corals,
Standing guards as devoted corporals,
The air studded with a pearly shine,
As sand’s kissed by waves aquamarine,
All this emanates a beautiful bluish hue,
Forever attracting to the sailor’s crew,
To weary eyes, these vistas, ointment,
Their luxury is cause of others resent,
Tempests and tides ride sandy shores,
Hasty to relieve from their daily chores,
And so, on this isle of earthy paradise,
Of whose beauty is hard to surmise,
Sitting on the rocks of jagged natures,
Sat exotic and charming creatures.

The beautiful maidens in jolly bevy,
Their charm eerily difficult to savvy,
Atop the lopsided fountains of hair,
Were perched brilliantine crown fair,
Gold in their hair shone evermore,
And the ringlets’ curls defied score,
Breeze with them played naughtily,
But the hairs respond very haughtily,
For they allow few to penetrate in,
For the fear of addiction of this sin,
Their temples gently descended,
The nasal arches, in air, suspended,
Their faces bear a distant beauty,
Unparalleled in all its virgin piety,
Their gentle very human curves,
To the desires, as ambrosia, serves,
But as vision explores the scene,
It stumbles upon a body piscine,
Which with a certain marine deft,
Shifts weight upon the fin’s cleft.

A face that robs all of pacification,
Being buttress of all the attraction,
White face mingles with background white,
But the pink in cheeks are contrasting light,
Eyes that challenge Unseen Ocean’s deep,
For these very sights, voracious sailors leap,
Their stature drives divinity to complexes,
And stirs passions in both of the fair sexes,
Their unattainable beauty, veritable façade,
Their distance, as sadistic as that of Sade,
Marbled skin akin to the ivory teeth,
More lethal than swords sans sheath,
But, the skin shows some hints of pink,
Suggest presence of blood enough to sink,
Movements of statue cause stupefaction,
Enough to elicit many a kind exasperation,
The curves almost inviting for courtship,
But their distance acts on desires as whip,
And so in thus fashion, the mermaids laid,
Subject to hungry eyes, till the lights fade.

But the portion which is most appeasing,
And which to these ears is most pleasing,
Is the merry symphony that emanates,
From lips of the group of joyous mates,
And like nectar which attracts labored bees,
So does their voice, to weary sailors, please,
‘Gainst roar of incessant tumbling tempests,
Amid the flurry of nuisance rousing pests,
Together with generous dose of grime,
And the ills of the foams of water saline,
with all stenches and worst of smell,
Make the life of sailors on ship a hell,
The sweltering heat and wintry chill,
Test the concreteness of sailors will,
All this still left their temerity unfaltering,
As embers of their lust were smoldering,
The lust for money, power and precious,
Made their demeanor overtly rapacious,
But soon these trinkets lose their goad,
When the marine maids begin their ode.

Their symphonies send velvety entreaties,
Rouse vibrations in mariners’ extremities,
Intoxicated by the all-pervading lyrical lilt,
They away forth to the shore’s sandy silt,
And attain ecstasy when survey the scene,
And the maidens with bodies semi piscine,
Becoming minions of their purpose ulterior,
They notice not maid’s cheeks turn in sneer,
Cruelly gracious winds tarry to reach soon,
Where lies their luscious impending doom,
Blinded by the ode, they lay off defense,
And register not the loyal guarding fence,
Cruel maids watch scapegoats tantalizingly,
And burst, when boat capsizes, with glee,
The men struggle to survive watery grave,
However there are none who could save,
So, the virgin vistas remain undefiled,
And draw others, who get easily riled,
The isles and the maids embody all vain,
To which men are drawn but can’t attain.

Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A symbolic treatise in which a group of weary sailors are attracted to an isle with beautiful mermaids and are drawn to them, however they are intoxicated by the music of mermaids and drown due to shipwreck.

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