Gemma O' Hanlon

Mirror Mirror - Poem by Gemma O' Hanlon

Mirror mirror on the wall,
How many more times do I have to fall?
Why do I stare at myself, a mixture of hate and dread,
Just explain to me why nothing, is ever right in my head.

Mirror mirror shiney glass,
How much longer till this feeling will pass?
How much longer till I can become free,
When will I find that person locked away inside me?

Mirror mirror lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,
A perfect body, no scars in sight,
No red rimmed eyes from crying at night.

Mirror mirror on the floor,
What do I do if I can't take anymore?
What if the pills don't do what they should?
Will I be impriosioned, locked away for good?

Mirror mirror in my hand,
Show me a far off distant land,
Show me a place where dreams come true,
Where no one ever intentionally hurts you,

Mirror mirror in shattered bits,
How did it all come to this?
You're no use to me anymore,
A thousand pieces scattered across the floor.

Mirror mirror in my palm,
I found a use, I'll drag you across my arm,
Because now I've become to see,
That you, my mirror, are really my worst enemy....

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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