Misunderstanding.... - Poem by BRANDY ARTIS

Elevation of your situation leads others to minipulate and cause devestation. You can’t take what you didn’t give tring to hender the way someone else lives. The path I walk I walk alone, regardless of the situation I must still stand on my own. When it was dark and I couldn’t see, you were no where to be found….it was just my Faith and me. So now that I can see some light of day, no longer hendered at the crossroads praying I’ll find a way, no longer lost and alone because I always had me but to here you tell it was you not God that walked with me. It was you that was there to dry my tears, give me comfort and comfront my fears. It was you that helped not hendered me and of course you must be playing the role of Jesus because you can’t even set your self free. You can’t even stand on your own, depending on other people to carry you home. So my burdens I bare and my cross I carry, on my path still determined even thou I still get wary. So all praise is to you, a man that I can’t even see, because without the henderence of others I would have never realized that is was you that was always with me.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 9, 2010

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