Howard The Motivational Poet Simon

Howard The Motivational Poet Simon
Sunday, December 28, 2008

Money Comments

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Howard The Motivational Poet Simon
Suresh Kumar Ek 28 September 2020
The satirical and philosophical poem about money
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Chloe Hart 19 September 2020
In my opinion this is just a bunch of words, these words don't mean anything they are just words.
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Magadha Rani 17 January 2020
This great poem demands the attention of readers! Brilliantly expressed..........................10
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John Calabrese 30 October 2019
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I want to earn money from my poem
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Adeeb Alfateh 11 June 2019
money money money with honey needs money......///great 10++++++++++++++++++++++++
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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 30 October 2018
Money is not enough. Money is not always with us but virtue is always with us.
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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 21 October 2018
Money - when repeated so many times, just goes to show how much importance we give to money.It is a fact that one cannot live without money. But, at the same time, the craving and greed for money has completely shaken the mental balance of the mind and intellect. Far, far away, from the spiritual realm! Excellent Howard......10
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ONION 06 October 2018
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Vanny Morgan 13 September 2018
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Rose Marie Juan-austin 26 August 2018
A one of a kind write that depicts how powerful money is. The recurring word, money in this poem makes it more powerful. Excellently penned.10++
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Gratitude for you usual scholarly assessment and your objective appraisal dear Rose!
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Britte Ninad 31 May 2018
Money Money Honey or Hemlock life's key or Death's lock great writings 10++++
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Dr Dillip K Swain 22 May 2018
When it comes to money, the saying “easy come-easy go” is very much true! It can buy friends (for a temporary period) but not love! A great piece of work! It’s my pleasure visiting it time and again!
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Dr Dillip K Swain 22 May 2018
This is a unique poem! I find that just one word stands aghast as a line (invariably in each line) laudably articulating something that money can influence! ‘Money’ itself is the speaker (as represented in some lines) . Yes, money is a maker and money is a breaker! Money is a creator and money is a destroyer! As you say, ‘live’, ‘die’ (in Stanza seven) ….(Part I)
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A thought provoking poem. The title itself drew me to read this fascinating piece. And the rest of the work presents the impact of money on people. It expresses in detail its. positive and negative effects. The repetition of the word money adds beauty and power to this write. A great poem cleverly written.10
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I am awesome u r not 30 April 2018
off off all ur life m8 shut ur pinehole
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the boss 28 February 2018
that is very usefull money is not everything especially when people use it for wicked things
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Dr Dillip K Swain 04 December 2017
Money is essential but is not everything in life..Loved the underlying philosophy dear poet! Stay always blessed
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Saji G Praleyagiri 04 December 2017
Dear poet, money in modern time is an opium. that make men to strive for. Like to be a fact, I too reflect in my poem The Monster Never Behind' U. may come across. Thank U. for sharing the poem.
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Kamiel Choi 27 September 2017
The moneyMonet bit is interesting. After the fold it becomes impressionist? What about money /smell?
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