Skylar Trevorrow

More Please - Poem by Skylar Trevorrow

I'm so sorry...
Sorry that I was stupid enough to bleed
Oil into the sea
And vomit gasoline fumes into
The sky.
I am trying to be WOman enough to admit my mistakes...
Hm...If only I were a guy.

I could be the president!
Oh, what a chaotic day that would be!
Or I could be in the army.
Don't give a gun to me.

Back to the main subject.

We're dying as we speak.
But that's okay 'cause I'm only meat.
The color of his skin is a mask of dislike.
We're humans, all the same on the inside.
Does that matter? Hell no.
Show me to the door, my forbidden ho.
We are not one; each b**** is half.
I am a liar, a pain in the a**.
Don't panic for the world is going to end.
It's home lobotomy, the taste of Armageddon.
I'm slicing the neck of the poor
Please, please, just give me more.

I can't.
I could sell weed but it would make us even less profound.
Or maybe sell myself like when Jesus was around.
Either way, we're digging our own graves.
Inhaling nitrogen, burning our babes.
I've let my brain rot, pray, hear me!
and I'm ready to fight for this.
Just give me a minute.

Let me catch my breath while nicotine
Eats my heart and lungs.
Because I, I am always number one.
Let me lick the grease
Off of my aching fingers.
While my children still bother to linger.
More, give me more!
I still haven't enough.
Drugs are cheap, kids f***.
Dad's dead, but that's not much.
So gimme a kiss and bid me farewell.
Because darling, this world has gone to hell.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 9, 2010

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