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More Short Short Poems - Poem by David Howerton

1) Accident

Rebuilt silicon brain
your memories are whispers
damn prison doctors.


2) After chores take kids

Been a while Dome farming Mars
Hop gate
Lunar malls
and Venus
permanent midnight cafe
for lunch
just another Saturday.


3) After lift off

In shadows waiting
licking drool, bulb sipping fools
late, silence, snores, feed.


4) Afterwards with escape

Dirty water under mirror
Europa's surface 2037
just lucky I guess
India manned mission
only American going.


5) at wildfire

Smell broken scents
seeping through cracked rubber seals
ah bugs


6) batteries and cameras

But metal bats flutter
flit and crawl unexplored caves
Ceres and Mars.


7) been out a while need parts

Thunk ping
bolt bounces through hatch
down corridor tink tink
stops cook leaves kitchen tray piled high
misses bolt


8) big influx this year

Records set
Lunar Olympics,
staying, smile.


9) Ceres dead ahead

Small rocks spin
reflecting spot light
guess it's time to slow down.


10) class picnic 3224

Gate closed
May, June, August,
cleaning lubrication
butterfly fragments washed away
grils play.


11) Compassion fades

judge and jury, of people
not machines.


12) In park other day

Blended greens
Styrofoam leaves
no one could tell.


13) first rainfall

Damp morning
drops form, Plexiglas
Martian days.


14) get ready...open door

Drunk oxygen blows
third day launch pad empty still
think no one's coming.


15) Good engineering

Mirrored flowers
follow yellow sun
focus light on tank
steam power returns.


16) Got the cash

Horrid scars.
Difference, rich or poor.


17) home resurrection kits

Static charge hair spikes
smile night shimmering pale green
Frankenstein vision
twenty first century wet dream
few reborn issue recall


18) how funny the collapse

Crystal tears
tickle sidewalk tells,


19) I'd rather not be heroic

Jet pack fails
miss shuttle craft, fall
tonight Earth


20) Ignored us

Venus orbiter shot down last picture
download complete
bright green flash
new home


21) decentralized traffic control

bent twigs glitter green
transmitted power computes
traffic angle, homeward bound.


22) Next Olympic sport

sport exploding balls
over net sweat profusely
time up shrapnel misses


23) New Adware

Somewhere daffodils
nose runs sneezing
nanobot infection.


24) is post human better?

Blank eyed cyborg dreams
open fields, gentle winds, laughter,
almost joy forgot


25) micro dog at play

Playing fetch
drops of silver


26) Martain Condo wakeup late

Gravity gate jump
Sacramento coffee -work
Mercury Commute


27) Lycanthropy 1

Quantum dots
bio-armor drips
fangs extend


28) Lycanthropy 2

Old woods, fences, razor wire
foam cannons, silver bullets,
Wolf bane in bloom,
guards shoot first.


29) Lycanthropy 21

Holographic memory
edge over
AI barks
full ivory moon.


30) Knew it would

Taliban computer man
remote controlled
robots turn.


31) nanotube replacements

Finally new muscle
nanotubes good for something
I walk again


32) Political prisoners

Old station
spinning slow
no one left
all power gone.

So many gone
few missed
gentle all forsaken.

No more remembered
placed off limits
our leaders
want our


33) Six months to Pluto

rubber doll
radio broke she
talks late night


34) Six months to go

Bright, mirrors reflect,
summer crop, looks good,
Ceres rising


35) Six months out

trees on walls
dab bits of trash
Christmas deep space singing carols, good will.


36) singularity

flowers hull shines
drips crystal light Earthrise,
sad we hang heads, home far away
miss rain.


37) SETI watcher

drank years, hear signals,
thirty thousand years coming
finally have company


38) Restaurants turn cheek

Went broke under Martian rock
air isn't cheap
raided cryonics.


39) Really was there

Bit my tongue
first ftl
Bernard's star
one small planet.


40) real reason Skylab fell

Glass bulbs roll
metal table rots
mice wake up


41) Some hacks work

Down below we hide
government robots are blind
under forgotten wilderness.


42) Who'll be ready

Grayish clouds circle moon
mine three collapsed shuttle flees
space station calls home.


43) What do they want to take now

Not enough poison didn't work
but they're robots now,
listening, watching, what we do,
reporting for any trace self worth.


44) Under Wichita

Here in dark
where metallic scorpions hunt
last hundred humans
pray power doesn't go out.


45) Under Europa smiles

Blue-green water flows
dark shapes swim deep dreaming food
probe drops all flee, quiet.


46) Under a full Jupiter

space suit helmet,
lean, drink coffee, bulb warm,
night shift, late again, poker game
lock three.


47) Triton's near enough

But their fear controls,
no asteroids please,
can't have politicals that close.


48) To soon released

Bucky balls
dropped bad design
block blood veins.


49) tied in tape deck

Inner light blinking
second generation eyes
time display haunting.


50) Third Generation

Bright yellow morning
silver wings dripping starlight
Kennedy spaceport.


51) they've landed more...

Stars dim sky bright. Look.
Drink wine, cry, static fills room
aliens came Auburn gone.


52) they're not weeds

Dark flower sparkles
proton light petals reflect
barely angstrom wide
electron microscope sees
nanobots flutter petals.


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