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Morning Note 137 - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Good morning my sweet one
I hope your Sunday was fun
and went well topped off with a
good night of sleep and sweet dreams
of us snuggling and kissing with tons of laughs.
I'm sorry from all the silence
from me yesterday but after my last write
I was so very exhausted from the days of travel,
the little hurts and frustrations
that had popped up along the way,
which I assure you I perceived nothing
wrong from you at all as hurtful,
we've both made that mistake with each other before
and I want to assure you I never thought
you did anything anywhere wrong,
all you did was give me loving comfort for which
I am so thankful and I love you for even more.
I was so exhausted from missing you
and the family I just had to leave again,
I was exhausted from so much crying
and I wish you had been here to hold
throughout all of that,
between just tears and outright sobs.
I miss you so much and from all of that
pure fatigue and exhaustion
I could feel your arms around me
and your kisses so sweet which
gave my spirit peace and I fell asleep
until a short while ago.
Thank you my dear I truly love you so very much,
you are a diamond in the rough
and I treasure you to the heights.

I'm sorry I didn't write sooner
after getting up but I was so hungry
and wanted to get my head clear from
the deep fogginess of sleep and the very
strange dreams I had been having.
I love you babe and I was thinking of
writing you from the moment I got up
and started shaking off as much
of my aches and pains as I could.
I have so much to do today my sweet dear
and I wish I could just lay down
and snuggle with you before I
have to get to work on all that stuff.
I still haven't unpacked from my trip
and have a big mess in my room to clean up,
I'll be thinking of you all the while
to give me strength and make me smile,
oh my sweet lady I can't wait to be with you
sharing kisses so sweet and knowing
that all in the world is good and right.
I need to shave my head which I haven't
done now in three weeks and get in the shower
to feel and be refreshed and also shave
my very fuzzy face,
see you just smiled as did I
my sweet Angel dove.
I love you mega tons and you will
as you always do help give me strength
to make it through.

I love you babe and wish you
the sweetest good morning dear one
and send the sweetest kisses
and big warm hugs to you,
may the sun shine right on you
to give you its warm loving kisses too.
God bless you sweet one for you
are a treasure unequaled and I cherish you
to no end my sweet Queen,
feel me there beside you holding you close
and holding your hand as I
walk right along beside you
in true loving support.
Remember I'm always beside you
and right here for you just as well.
I love you more than anything and I always will.
I love you Kira I truly do
and will be sending you all of
my loving warmth and care,
feel it surround you sweet one
and give me a smile so I'll see its shine from here.
I love you babe you are all I want
and I'll wait for as long as you need.
God bless you and all that
you care about and love,
Kira you are my Angel and I kiss you so sweet and deep
and want you to know you will always
be my best friend and true love.
I hope that soon we will have our day
and I promise you I will always give only my best and full
to you my sweet Angel dove because
you are my beautiful one and I strive to
always make you so very happy and proud.

Topic(s) of this poem: morning, true love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I love you tons Kira. I'm sorry for the silence and hope it didn't worry or upset you. I needed the sleep so bad and I know you understand. You're a wonderful woman. Have an amazing day. I am here for you always and right beside you. Please let's talk soon. I love you babe. ILYF Below is a link to the video for Falcos song Brilliantin' Brutal' Just a favorite song and great video with a funny ending. Just wanted to share and I hope you enjoy. I love you mega tons. :)


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