gordon nosworthy

Mostly - Poem by gordon nosworthy

you can't control
the things you say
maybe a little bit
if you slip all-grip winter chains
over your will
bolt your tongue
to that squiggly thing
swinging at the severe end
of your tongue
then wait to see what transpires
only to find mostly
you simply can't control
the things you say
even when you're mostly

to control the things you say
you can prime yourself
stoke up the steam
arrange your body till it aches
grit your teeth
with the jaws of life
ball your hands into iron-like fists
squeeze control
out of a tube
force it down
your own oesophagus:
truth be told
that only mostly works

you can't control
the things you say
you'll say what
you don't want to say
anyways eventually
it will come out
you'll forget
slip out over the self-control
blow past your resolve
you'll only know you said
what you didn't want to say
when you listen to yourself
saying it

we are what we are
from the incident
of the sperm tunnelling
deep into the egg's
nature and nurture
we begin
we learn
we absorb
we become
until the things we have to say
line the route
balloons ready to be released
waiting for the parade
of mostly already said
to pass again

we have mostly
already been there
the things that fall
from our mouths
have been there
for some time
just waiting to be said
and again
and again

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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