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Mount Olympus, (1- 4)

Rating: 5.0
1) Mount Olympus, Its Primal Beauty Caused This Earth To Moan
2) Clouds Above Olympia
3) Descent Of Mount Olympus
4) Olympus, And From This Womb Gave Birth

Mount Olympus, Its Primal Beauty Caused This Earth To Moan (1)

In this ancient place her memory far
in the past built with godlike hierarchy
that looks upon a bright and nameless star,
its pattern not yet worshipped in the sky.
Fairer then, now no roads or kingly throne
nor rich castle coiffed with gardened flowers,
its primal beauty caused this earth to moan.
On this hill, counting neither years nor hours,
the shadows yield to light in slow retreat;
below, before the dawn, life was teeming,
I feel the surging forest and its heat,
opening eyes but my mind still dreaming
every brook and stream did take a simple vow
to rush throughout the caverns of desire;
the flute, the pipe plays from the highest boughs,
the sun's golden beams flame with piercing fire
it was these themes her gentle heart inspired
and to this world she took me by the hand.
The greatest of the gods, the Olympians,
lie dead on their sacred mount, breath expired,
thundering to the last one final groan
for even they could not redeem the hours
or preserve the sweetness of their home.
In these brooks and streams their waters teeming
and the fire of the sun expels her heat;
I close my eyes and fall back into dreaming.

Clouds Above Olympia (2)

Grandest creature marble white
rearing proudly in thy time
the clouds above Olympia
thunder with thy stride;
enormous hoofs of white and grey
eyes of fiercest black,
nostrils flaring in a rage
who dares mount thy back!

(This poem was written after viewing an
ancient Greek sculpture of a rearing horse)

Descent Of Mount Olympus (3)

Should I make such pleasant music my own 
while I walk within nature unaware 
of a beauty I could not touch or tame;  
the thrush, bluebird and robin have their song;  
lilies, wildflowers alive in flowing dress,  
there on the mountain where the Horae stood 
in gifted sight beneath their sacred hoods 
to guard the gates of Mount Olympus. 
Their voices call in sounds of sweet duress 
and rise above the bulwarks in the sky,  
descending fast in white towering flame,  
here Olympus fell and staked its earthly claim;
an immortal palace gifted from on high
with inhabitants boisterous and vain,
twelve deities plotting, achieving fame,
and describing their dwelling in its scope
with words of grandeur and rhymes strange to hear
lovelier than the human heart could bear.
In that void between death and human hope
Olympus rose, and beckons with its story;
alive, triumphant, eternal in its glory.

Olympus, And From This Womb Gave Birth (4)

I will be a prophet and start a flame
regaled to burn above the reach of time
and reignite the glory and the pain
of the torch that burns brightest in my mind.
Here in this sanctuary by the trees,
that mountain, untroubled as if asleep
hidden in a maze of loitering clouds;
I glimpse a wall, a thousand times as steep,
in its white faced beauty a quietness
that speaks of confidence and unequaled strength.
Twelve floating towers gods themselves ordained
each with sculptured face, appearing some as fierce
most of gentle presence human tongues would praise.
Foundations to the very depths did pierce
the shale anchored to the mountain's core
and from this womb gave birth,
thick plated gates of gleaming heartland gold
not composed of ore from this frail young earth
but from far richer and mightier worlds.
Saturday, March 13, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: mountain,mythology
A series of poems written in various poetic styles about the mythological beauty of Mount Olympus and its charismatic inhabitants.
Sylvia Frances Chan 14 March 2021
2) on Mytikas peak, here where it all began for lovers of ancient history, SFC was constantly here in days of yore, when she was just seventeen or bit more. I have enjoyed enormously Captain Cur Sir! Thankfully yours, Sylvia
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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 March 2021
1) constantly mesmerizing me, thy poetry about ancient beauty in diversity, most beauteous mountain of all mountains in Europe, Olympus is notable in Greek mythology as the home of the Greek gods,
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Evelyn Judy Buehler 13 March 2021
Reading these verses is exquisite poetic delight! 5 stars.
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Susan Williams 13 March 2021
5 stars for these
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Susan Williams 13 March 2021
you have a classic elegance in these 4 poems---shows you have not restricted your talents to one area
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Susan Williams 13 March 2021
I will be a prophet and start a flame regaled to burn above the reach of time and reignite the glory and the pain of the torch that burns brightest in my mind.----awesome poetry
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Kostas Lagos 13 March 2021
The mountain of gods(and the source of many troubles in ancient greek mythology) . Perfect!
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Unnikrishnan E S 13 March 2021
A poem of great depth and understanding. Beautiful rhyming style.Full score and onto my fav
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