Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Appreciation Comments

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When I look back at my life
I could see a lot of pain
A lot of dim colors
A lot of tears


nouri black
Adeeb Alfateh 20 June 2019

My heart beats faster, Every time you call me my queen Every time we flirt, Every time you stare into my eyes Every time your fingers play through my hair Every time I hear the tone you call my name with I love the way that makes me feel .................... awesome expression loving 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Charles M Moore 12 February 2007

Emotional and caring account of some sad memories and joyful moments.Keep up the good work.

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Roger Bowman 12 February 2007

Amazing deeply emotional poemo.Love it All the best and lots of love Roger

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poetry lover 12 February 2007

Very nice I love this one. nice flow to it. keep up the great work

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a moment of sadness 12 February 2007

another revealing peice... you are very good at expressing your feeling when i was your age i did not know how to express myself with so much openess

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Hazem Al Jaber 11 February 2007

another lovely great one.. you are really so great with your feelings... and one day i am sure you b\will be a great poet.. yours hazem

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poetry lover 09 February 2007

I loved this one, very nicely written full of gratitude nice penning

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Duncan Wyllie 09 February 2007

Now this is beautiful and fine writing, it is my pleasure to have read this! love duncan X

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Francesca Johnson 08 February 2007

Welcome back to this site, Nouri, my friend. I have been reading your biography and see that you have a lot of emotions / experiences to draw on. This poem is full of hope and new life and positivity. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love, Fran xx

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Hazem Al Jaber 05 February 2007

ohh really its so romantic, , happy i am to have such these feelings which you hold for the one whom you love.. beautiful write..nouri.. and don`t look at the past..

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Alfredo Jacques 05 February 2007

wow! I really love the emotion in this poem. great write.

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