Alex walker

My Daddy - Poem by Alex walker

Its funny how I took him for granted for so very long
How everything he said to me sounded so extra wrong
Its funny how as time goes by, the more I realise
That he really does truly love me... I can see it in his eyes

He's the one who always listens to what I have to say
He's the one who taught me everything even how to pray
I never stopped to think what it would be like without him here
But if I did am quite positive it would end with me in tears

For I don’t love him as only a dad but even as a friend
One who has been with me so very long on whom I can depend
The little things he cares about that no one else would consider
He would find a solution simply to help make things a bit easier

He really should be called the provider, the comforter, the protector
Of what he may
The educator, the instructor
Guiding me on my way
He always knows just what to say
Helpful, without trying in many different ways
But most importantly he should be called the lover...
Lover of God, of family, of friends, of community, of humanity...

Fathers like mine you don't find everyday
One who’s helpful and loving and dedicated in everyway
Forever I will be my daddy's little girl
Even when I grow old and make a name for myself in this world
Words can never express what am truly trying to say
But these words of appreciation i can no longer delay
It’s strange you see, for me to finally realise
That my daddy's a catch not only in my mother's eyes.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 15, 2010

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