Ethen Carrell

My Day With Mlk - Poem by Ethen Carrell

Our day began on a hot summer day in 1963,
MLK was right next to me, and we were in Washington D.C
Who knew this day would be remembered forever in history
The present was on his mind, and his I Have A Dream Speech really got 2 Me

He spoke about freedom and he spoke about equality
Me being from the future, i wish everyone would have equal opportunity
After giving his speech, he received a round of applause
But his mission had just started, no need for a pause

I asked him if he thought he truly made a difference
He looked me in the eye and said yes but every good idea always has resistance
I was inspired, i could tell he was consistent, with everything he did
becoming a pastor, a civil rights activist, and even befriending a white man as a kid

We took a trip to the present year,
but not overLooking everything that had 2 be overcome 2 get here
I asked if he thought we had made progress
he looked at the sky scrapers, technology, and said this is all non sense

He had a dream that our world would one day be full of peace and Love
but Looking around all he sees is violence and drugs
I told him that segregation had evaporated, but racism was still present
He said in the end our skin color is merely our image, but what really matters is whats beneath it

I could tell Martin Luther King Jr. had a heart that loved the world,
its too bad the world forgot his principles, and left um 2 swirl
I asked him how could the world be a better place
He replied simply, this life is not a race

'We need to stop trying 2 beat each other,
Cus in the end we're gonna rely on love for 1 another'
Those words spoke 2 be, i grasped what he had said
no more pondering in the past, just looking straight ahead

From my day with MLK,
World i assure you that racism should be dead by today
it is not necessary, we are all the made the same
I wish everyone the best, and i assure u the world would be better if we all wished the same!

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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