My Dear Dad Poem by Anamika Jalan

My Dear Dad

Rating: 5.0

Missing You My Dear Dad,
The Thought Of It Makes Me Sad,
Tears Getting My Shirt Soaking Wet,
Happiness Isn’t Found Just Yet,

Praying To God I’ll Be Okay,
Knowing Tomorrow Will Just Be Another Day,
Full Of Sadness, Full Of Gloom,
Locking Myself Away In My Room,

Writing It Down, Writing A Note
I Found Your Warm & Comfty Coat,
It Still Smells Just Like You,
It Was Your Very Favorite, Too

Met A Guy Who Didnt Treat Me Good,
I Only Did What I Thought I Should,
He Opened My Eyes, And Made Me See,
The Bastard He Really Is, An Will Always Be,

Day After Day, Guy After Guy,
Tear After Tear, Lie After Lie,
Always Asked And I Say “I’m Fine.”,
When Really Deep Inside I’m Dyin’,

Here Comes Another Day,
And All I Have To Say,
Is I’m Given Up, And Not Gonna Try,
Hurting My Family, Making My Mama Cry,

Music Is Blaring,
Eardrums Are Tearing,
Should Be Asleep, To Much In My Head,
In The Most Uncomfortable Bed,

Met Another Creature We Call “Boys.”,
Looks At Me And The Others As “Toys.”,
If They Aint Sweet, They’re A Douche Bag,
And If They Ain’t Straight, They’re A Fag,

Soon I Met Someone I “Thought.” Was Gonna Be Great,
Only Thing That Kept Us Together Was Fate,
Oh, That Dirty Piece Of Trash,
Now He Can Kiss My Country White Ass

It’s 3: 25 A.M, I Better Get In The Bed,
This Bed Ain’t To Comfortable But I’m Thankful I Have A Place To Rest My Head,
All This Stress On My Shoulders, It’s To Much To Tote,
Love Always, And Remember I’ll Always Be Your Little Tugboat.

Goodnight Dad.

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